Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island M-005 Challenge Guide

November 9, 2022

If you want to unlock the Kronos Island Explorer Trophy/Achievement in Sonic Frontiers, you have to complete all Challenges on Kronos Island, and Challenge M-005 makes no exception.

However, completing this Challenge is not an easy task, at least until you figure out precisely what you have to do.

But no worries! All you have to do is follow our guide, and you’ll breeze through the Challenge.

Sonic Frontiers Challenge M-005 Location

To reach the spot where you can complete Challenge M-005, you first have to begin the game and make your way through the Kronos Island area until you reach the Zone 1-2 portal.

The Zone 1-2 portal is the shrine from where you can access the second Cyber Space level of the game, and it’s located in the southeastern corner of Kronos Island (it’s impossible to miss because the game leads you to it shortly after starting your adventure).

Then head west and cross the bridge to the bigger island of this area.

Now follow the west coast until you reach three platforms with the M-005 sign in the middle of them (like in the screenshot below). If you’ve reached a river, you’ve gone too far, so go a couple of meters south.

Sonic Frontiers Where To Find Challenge M-005

Or just head west from the location of Challenge M-004 (discussed here), and you’ll reach the same place quite fast.

You can also check the map below to get an idea of where you have to go.

Sonic Frontiers M-005 Challenge Location

How To Complete M-005 Challenge On Kronos Island

Now to Complete this Challenge, you must press the X button on your Xbox controller while aiming at each platform to raise them.

Then dash to the southernmost platform to jump on it (also with X). You need to go to this one in particular because it’s the closest to the ground.

Next, dash from platform to platform by pressing the X button, and finally, step on the plate once you’re all the way up, as shown in the next image.

Sonic Frontiers How To Complete Challenge M-005

You can jump down and continue your adventure because you’ve completed the Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island Challenge M-005.

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