Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island M-006 Challenge Guide

November 9, 2022

M-006 is a time trial Challenge on Kronos Island in Sonic Frontiers that you need to complete if you want to uncover another portion of the area’s map.

However, you might need our help, considering that this is probably the first time trail Challenge you’ll encounter in the game.

So, throughout the guide below, we will provide instructions and screenshots to help you complete Challenge M-006.

Sonic Frontiers Challenge M-006 Location

You should first check the following map of Kronos Island to learn the general area you must explore to find this Challenge.

Sonic Frontiers M-006 Challenge Location

As you can see, you have to stick to the east coast of the bigger island in this area, and you’ll find the M-006 sign at the beginning of a small ridge (coming from the south), directly east of the red Chaos Emerald.

Sonic Frontiers Where To Find Challenge M-006

If you’ve just completed Challenge M-004 (covered in this guide), you have to head north, and you’ll reach the same ridge shortly.

How To Complete M-006 Challenge On Kronos Island

Next to the Challenge sign, you can see an Hourglass that you have to activate by pressing the X button on your Xbox controller.

Doing so should start a short cutscene that is leading you to a red platform.

You’ve guessed right! You have to reach this platform until the timer runs out.

Sonic Frontiers How To Complete Challenge M-006

The good news is that the 25 seconds are more than enough to reach your destination.

Just hold the RT button, also on Xbox, and make haste.

If you somehow get confused and forget where you must go, look for the red beam going to the sky because it indicates the platform’s location.

Once you reach the platform, you must sit on it to turn it green, completing the Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island Challenge M-006.

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