Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Treasures Locations

by Vlad
May 8, 2023

The Basalt Rift Treasures collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are a bit trickier than the Seed Pods and Databanks we already found in this region of Planet Koboh, especially early in the game when you still have a lot to learn about the new features introduced by Respawn Entertainment.

Furthermore, since they don’t appear on your map when you start Cal’s adventure, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Treasures require a keen eye; however, after you finish the game, you have the option to unlock the Treasures Map Upgrade, and all of these collectibles will be displayed on your Holomap.

As such, you’ll have to return to Basalt Rift and look for the Treasures you may have missed. On the other hand, if you know where to look for them the first time you enter this area, you’ll be able to get them early in the game, thus saving a lot of time.

For this reason, the following Basalt Rift Treasures locations guide explains where to look for the Priorite Shards and Datadiscs and how to get them.

Koboh Basalt Rift Treasures Locations Map

On our custom Basalt Rift Treasures map below, you can see the five spots you’ll need to reach to get these collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Treasures Map Locations

Since the first time Cal reaches this area, you’ll be moving from Swindler’s Wash towards the Forrest Array region, we’ll go over these collectibles chronologically, following the same order as the one on the map above.

Treasure #1 (Priorite Shard): On Top Of A Sustaining Pillar

After entering Basalt Rift, follow the linear path until you reach a large area with a crane you must activate.

While facing it, turn left to spot a wall you can run on. In the distance, you should see a cave.

Use the wall to reach the cave, then destroy all sustaining pillars. The first Star Wars Basalt Rift Treasure should fall at your feet.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Treasures Locations Guide

Treasure #2 (Priorite Shard): Above The Slippery Slope

Once you get the first Treasure, jump on the large pillar in the middle of the gap, then Force Push the huge pillar into the mountain wall.

Next, activate the crane and release the zipline to reach the next section. Now you’ll want to perform a series of wall runs to avoid the slippery slope.

On the upper side of the slippery slope, you’ll find a crack in the wall. Before heading inside, turn around to spot another wall you can run on to reach a hidden platform where you’ll find the second Basalt Rift Treasure collectible.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Treasures Collectibles Locations Guide

Treasure #3 (Datadisc): On Top Of A Wall

After unlocking the Basalt Rift Meditation Point, the game will force you to take the path through a tunnel on the right side.

Keep following the tunnel, and eventually, you’ll end up on the other side of the gap near the Meditation Point.

As you progress on the path ahead, hug the left side and head up the hill first. Jump over the large broken column, and you’ll get to an Imperial structure with a gray wall.

You’ll need to use the wall-run ability to get to the area covered in vines. As you climb up, check the other side of the large wall to see the sparkling Datadisc Treasure below.

Star Wars Basalt Rift Treasures Locations Guide

Treasure #4 (Priorite Shard): Inside A Red Droid

Once you get the previous Datadisc, retrace your steps following the path down the hill. Keep pushing towards the clearing in the distance, and after dealing with the small group of Stormtroopers, as you descend the mountain, hug the right side.

If you look down in the valley below, you should see a red Droid you must destroy to obtain his Priorite Shard.

If you want to make sure the Droid doesn’t run before you get the chance to destroy him, consider striking from above.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift All Treasures Locations Guide

Treasure #5 (Datadisc): Inside A Cave

After pulling the large pillars inside the mountain’s walls, in the clearing where you fight the Bilemaw, you’ll reach the final section of the Basalt Rift area. As you move down the linear path avoiding the blue Koboh Dust, you’ll get to a larger clearing.

On the right side, you should see a metal catwalk you can use to safely cross the plain filled with Koboh Dust.

Grab the vines from the ceiling, then while hanging, head right to enter a small cave where you’ll find the last Basalt Rift Treasure.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Basalt Rift Treasures Locations Guide

Congrats, treasure hunter! You just found the five Star Wars Jedi Survivor Treasures in Basalt Rift, so how about looking for the Chests next?

Also, don’t forget to check our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki page here to find all other collectibles in the video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

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