Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank Locations

by Vlad
May 8, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift is one of the larger areas on Planet Koboh; therefore, it features 23 collectibles, of which eight are Databank Entries.

When you first enter the Basalt Rift region, moving from Swindler’s Wash towards the Forest Array, you may be overwhelmed by the level design of this area; however, it’s fairly easy to navigate, and the collectibles here are relatively easy to spot.

Granted, several Basalt Rift collectibles require some abilities you’ll unlock later in the game, but a large majority can be retrieved the moment you get to this section of Koboh Planet.

Assuming you want to save time and obtain 100% completion on Planet Koboh, the following Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank locations guide explains where to find all objects, and Echos Cal Kestis must investigate.

Koboh Basalt Rift Databank Locations Map

The following Basalt Rift collectibles map pinpoints all Databanks you must find in this area.

If you already finished the story, it’s worth knowing that you can display all Databanks on Cal’s Holomap by unlocking the Databank Map Upgrade explained here.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank Map Locations

Assuming you just entered Basalt Rift and want to get the most out of it in terms of collectibles, here is where to look for the eight Databanks and how to get them following the same order as the one on our map.

Databank #1 (Basalt Pillars): At The End Of A Zipline

Immediately upon entering the Basalt Rift area in the latest video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, you’ll have to use your Force Push ability to push a large stone pillar into the mountain wall, thus unlocking a zipline.

Once you slide down the zipline, on the next platform, you’ll see a large stone pillar BD-1 can scan. Chronologically, this is the first Star Wars Basalt Rift Databank collectible you can find. Next to it, you should also spot one of the five Basalt Rift Seed Pods.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank Locations Guide

Databank #2 (Turf Wars): Near The Meditation Point

After reaching the Meditation Point, you should see two broken bridges. While looking at the large tower in the distance, head towards the one on the right side and jump over the gap.

Behind the broken bridge, is a large metal cylinder (pictured below) BD-1 can scan.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databanks Locations Guide

Databank #3 (Same Story, Different Planet): In A Cave

After finding the previous Databank, head inside the tunnel on the left side of the cylinder above. On the tunnel’s left wall, you’ll see some vine and a grappling point you can use to get on the other side of a large gap. Just climb the ceiling to progress.

In the distance, you can also see three Stormtroopers protecting an Echo Cal mus retrieve. Deal with them first, then check the Echo.

Star Wars Basalt Rift Databank Locations Guide

Databank #4 (Bilemaw’s Revenge): By A Bilemaw Den

Now continue to explore the small hill behind the previous Databank and deal with all Stormtroopers. The tunnel ahead is quite linear, and it will get you to a shortcut you can activate and a pipe you can walk on.

After sliding down the muddy slope, jump over the gap at the end and clear the next section. If you approach the right-side wall of the cave (den) nearby, BD-1 will be able to scan it.

Star Wars Basalt Rift Databanks Locations Guide

Databank #5 (Risk And Research): Next To Toa

The fifth Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank collectible is relatively easy to find because it’s next to an NPC named Toa.

From the previous collectible, pull the stone pillars in the mountain wall on the other side of the gap while standing on the wooden platform near the den above.

Head left, jumping from one pillar to another, then climb the wall covered in vines to find the said NPC. Talk to her, then scan the large metal plate behind the table.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databanks Collectibles Locations Guide

Databank #6 (The Short Straw): Near A Chest

Once you meet Toa, follow the linear path behind her, and you’ll eventually reach a larger area. There are two possible paths here. To find the next collectible, follow the path down the hill, and use the tree trunk over the gap to reach a small camp set by Stormtroopers.

First, deal with them, then scan the crates on the right side of the Chest pictured below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Databank Collectibles Locations Guide

Databank #7 (Bilemaw Pools): By A Waterfall

For the next Databank in the Basalt Rift area, follow the path down the hill from the previous collectible.

As you move down, you’ll spot a Bilemaw in a clearing. While facing the beast, on the left side is a small waterfall. Scan the pond at the bottom using BD-1.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Basalt Rift Databank Locations Guide

Databank #8 (Koboh Dust): In A Clearing

After you scan the Bilemaw Pool above, Force Pull the large stone pillars on the walls above the clearing where you fought the beast and use them to reach the upper section.

Follow the path ahead, avoiding the blue Koboh Dust. As you move down the hill, you’ll need to climb the vines on the right-side wall, then climb the ceiling, and finally use a catwalk to get to an upper clearing. Scan the Koboh Dust (blue matter) when you reach the next hill.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All 8 Basalt Rift Databank Locations Guide

That’s where you find all Basalt Rift Databank collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor; however, there are additional items of interest you can obtain in this area, such as five Seed Pods, five Chests, and five Treasures.

Make sure you refer to our associated guides, and if you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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