Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods Locations

by Vlad
May 8, 2023

Upon finding the eight Databank collectibles, it’s time to deal with the five Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods you can use at Pili’s garden on top of Pyloon’s Saloon if you wish to unlock the Seed Pods Map Upgrade or obtain the Growth Spurt achievement/trophy.

Due to the terrain, the Basalt Rift area features only five Seeds which count as collectibles, but they are mandatory if you are a completionist who aims to get 100% completion on Planet Koboh.

Luckily, all the Star Wars Basalt Rift Seed Pods collectibles can be obtained when you first enter this region, moving from Swindler’s Wash to the Forest Array as part of Cal’s story.

The path you need to follow may seem a bit confusing initially; however, in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods Locations guide below, we’ll go the extra mile and tell you how to move from one collectible to another, thus navigating this region.

Koboh Basalt Rift Seed Pods Locations Map

Let’s start with a custom map showing the five locations where you’ll find the Seed Pods in the Basalt Rift region.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods Map Locations

As you can see, they are scattered around this area, but if you follow a specific route, you can get them in a single run.

Following the same order as the one on the map, here is where to look for all Basalt Rift Seeds.

Seed Pod #1 (Goldenlight Moss): In A Small Cavern

The moment you enter the Basalt Rift area, upon leaving Swindler’s Wash, you’ll reach a platform where you’ll see a crane.

While facing it, turn left, and you’ll spot a wall you can run on. Make sure you do so to get to a small cavern and cut the yellow bush near the mountain wall to obtain the Goldenlight Moss Seed Pod.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods Locations Guide

Seed Pod #2 (Goldenlight Moss): Next To A Waterfall

Once you obtain the previous seed, destroy the large pillar in the cave, then walk on it toward the middle of the gap.

Here you’ll want to push the large pillar in the mountain wall, then activate the zipline nearby using BD-1’s Slice.

Slide down the zipline, and when you reach the section below, cut the bush by the small waterfall to get another Goldenlight Moss Seed.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seeds Locations Guide

Seed Pod #3 (Goldenlight Moss): In Front Of Toa

For the next collectible, you must first reach the Basalt Rift Meditation Point. Start by running on the walls in the tunnel near the last seed, then head left and cross the large gap by moving from one platform to another.

When you reach the meditation point, hug the right side, jump over the broken bridge, and drop into the tunnel below. From there, the path is linear and will get you to an NPC named Toa.

Close to her, you’ll see another bush you can cut (pictured below).

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Rift Seed Pods Collectibles Locations Guide

Seed Pods #4 & 5 (Goldenlight Moss): Next To A Bilemaw

The last two Basalt Rift Seed Pods in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are relatively easy to find but to get them; you’ll need to fight a Bilemow.

From Toa’s location above, follow the path behind her, then hug the right side of the canyon and move down the hill. After dealing with the Stormtroopers, you should see a valley below your current location.

To progress through this area, you’ll have to defeat the Bilemaw; otherwise, you won’t be able to Force Pull the large stone pillars in the mountain’s walls.

The bushes you’ll have to cut to obtain the Seeds Pods are on the right and left sides of the Bilemaw.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Basalt Rift Seed Pods Locations Guide

Now that you have obtained all Basalt Rift Seeds feel free to push forward toward the Forest Array or continue to explore this area looking for the remaining collectibles.

If you need help with them, check the corresponding guides listed as part of our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki.

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