Star Wars Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Databank Locations

May 16, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Databank are collectibles you need to obtain if you want to achieve 100% completion on planet Koboh.

The Foothill Falls area is pretty small, but you can still encounter problems finding the four Databanks if you don’t have a keen eye.

One of the Databanks, in particular, is a head-scratcher and can’t be collected until you complete a good portion of the main story to unlock a certain ability.

Therefore, you should check our SW Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Databank locations guide below, where we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you reach the collectibles.

Koboh Foothill Falls Databank Locations Map

If you haven’t yet unlocked the Databanks Locations Display Map Upgrade, make sure to look over the next Foothill Falls map, where we’ve marked the exact locations of the four collectibles in the small area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Databank Locations Map

Now let’s talk about each Databank following the same order as the one on the previous map.

Databank #1 (Cargo Elevator): Through A Big Entrance

For the first SW Jedi Survivor Databank in Foothill Falls, you must start from the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Meditation Point and head to Pyloon’s Saloon in the settlement.

Facing the saloon’s main door, turn to the left to see an orange slope you must head to.

Go up on the slope and head forward until you get to a crossroad where you must go to the right.

You’ll soon get to a zip line you must use, then go through the big entrance in the mountain to reach an elevator’s railing.

Scan the railing to get credit for the first Databank.

First Databank Located Through A Big Entrance In A Mountain

Databank #2 (A Curious Pair): Next To A Relter

Upon obtaining the previous collectible, turn around to spot a Relter (big bird) on the right side by the edge.

Just before the Relter, you can see two crates on the right side you must interact with for the second collectible.

Second Databank Located Next To A Relter

Databank #3 (Child’s Hideaway): Next To A Big Puddle

Now mount the mentioned Relter and cross to the other side of the chasm.

Then head down the slope to the left (the first one, not the one in the back) and enter the cave with the greenish light to find the third Databank collectible in the SW Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls area next to the big puddle.

Third Databank Located Nex To A Big Puddle In A Cave

Databank #4 (Prospecting Network): On A Platform

The last collectible is a little tricky because you’ll need the Upgraded Ascension Cable exploration ability to reach it.

Assuming you have already unlocked the ability by progressing with the main story, mount the Nekko near the water inside the cave with Databank #3 and get back up the slope outside.

Then move forward until you get to the mountain wall, and you’ll notice that you can run on a portion of it on the left side.

So double jump with the help of the Nekko to reach the greater height and wall run to get to the cliff above.

Now look up to the left to see a floating machine you need to grapple to by getting as close as you can to it, then jumping and holding - GameClubz/- GameClubz on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Then aim at the left platform on the same level as the flying machine, and release the - GameClubz/- GameClubz button.

You should now be on the said platform, where you must scan the area under the light to get credit for the last collectible.

Fourth Databank Located On A Platform

Fantastic job, friend! You’ve managed to obtain all four Star Wars Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Databank collectibles, and you can now go for the Treasures in the same area. Also, for more collectibles and puzzles, don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub Page here.

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