Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pods Locations

May 18, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pods will help you make the garden on the roof of Pyloon’s Saloon a prettier place for you to enjoy.

Also, the Seed Pods collectibles are mandatory if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the Mountain Ascent area on planet Koboh.

But just like all Seed Pods in the game, the ones in Mountain Ascent are very hard to spot because they stand apart from the normal plants only through the fireflies flying around them.

Therefore, if you want to find the SW Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pods quickly, don’t hesitate to check our locations guide.

Koboh Mountain Ascent Seed Pods Locations Map

Before searching for Seed Pods in the video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, it would be best to get the Seed Pods Locations Display Map Upgrade.

Or check our Mountain Ascent map below, where we’ve pinpointed the locations of the four collectibles in the area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pods Locations Map

To continue, we’ll give you additional instructions and screenshot to help you get to each Seed Pod in Mountain Ascent.

Seed Pod #1 (Felucian Yellow Koboh Spiker): On A Rock Near A Waterfall

For the first collectible, you should start from the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point and head toward the waterfall on the left side.

Now jump on the rock behind the waterfall, then on the next one to find Seed Pod #1 in front of the mountain wall, near one of the four Mountain Ascent Treasures.

First Seed Pod Is Found On A Rock Near A Waterfall

Seed Pod #2 (Koboh Spiker): By The Water

Head back to the saving point, and this time, go to the green barriers near it.

Provided you have Merrin’s Charm ability unlocked, dash through the green barriers, then head forward and drop on the platform below.

Once you’re down, move forward to reach a waterfall, then cross on the other side of the water and look for the second collectible in the corner on the right side (pictured below).

Also, you can find one of the six Mountain Ascent Chests nearby.

Second Seed Pod Is Located By The Water

Seed Pod #3 (Rare Koboh Spiker): On A Green Barrier

To continue, head back up to the green barriers, but instead of dashing through them, go to the right to reach a small lake.

Then get to the other side of the water by running on the wall to the left, and go forward to reach a gap you must jump over.

Proceed to get to another gap, jump over it as well, head to the blue building, then jump on the cliff with the big dead tree on the left side.

You should now be above the green barriers from before, and the third SW Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pod is right on the second barrier, as shown in the next image.

Third Seed Pod Is Found On A Green Barrier

Seed Pod #4 (Koboh Spiker): In The Water

Upon obtaining Seed Pod #3, turn around, then make your way to the cliff on the right side by jumping to it.

Move forward to reach a big gate you can open by using the Force on the metal wheel on the right side.

Now go through the gate and drop in the water to find the last Seed Pod on the left side in front of the wall.

Fourth Seed Pod Is Located In The Water

Nicely done, friend! You’ve collected all four Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mountain Ascent Seed Pods, and you can now head to the next area, named Fogged Expanse, to look for the three Chests there, or check our Wiki Hub Page here for more collectibles and puzzles.

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