Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Guide

May 4, 2023

To unlock and access the Wayfinder’s Tomb on Jedha Planet and obtain the Treasures Locations Display Map Upgrade in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you must complete three required puzzles, including the Path of Persistence.

Although this puzzle may be easier compared to what we’ve seen at the Path of Conviction and Path of Restoration, it can still present a challenge that may require some thought and effort.

Also, it is worth mentioning that in order to collect all Path of Persistence collectibles, you must first obtain the Upgraded Ascension Cable by completing the Pursue Rayvis main objective during your second visit to Shattered Moon.

Therefore, in this Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide, we will provide information on the location of the Path of Persistence and its collectibles, as well as offer guidance on how to solve the puzzle in the area to claim your reward.

Where To Find The Path Of Persistence Puzzle On Jedha

To find and reach the Path of Persistence Puzzle, fast-travel to the Anchorite Base Meditation Point in the Arid Flats region on Jedha Planet. The location is indicated in the image below.

If you turn your camera to the right at the Anchorite Base Meditation Point, you can already see the Path of Persistence ruins.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Location

Head to the marked location through the rocky ridges and go down the zipline at the end of the path to enter the Path of Persistence region.

How To Solve The Path Of Conviction Puzzle

The Path of Persistence region includes a straightforward puzzle with a rolling ball that requires you to figure out how to push it all the way to the top to access the hidden Perk Slot Essence.

After landing from the zip line ride, climb the ledge and go near the edge on the left. Use your Ascension Cable to grapple onto a hook point located near the stormtroopers.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Solution

After you clear the stormtroopers, you can scan the left side of the entrance for a Path of Conviction Databank entry.

Immediately after you head inside, you’ll be ambushed by a stormtrooper on the right side, near the machine that creates a shortcut back down. Activate it after you take him down.

You’ll notice a blocked opening above you, and to the right of it, there’s a hook point. Use it to reach the nearby ledge.

At the top, deal with the lonely Stormtrooper who is enjoying the scenery and Force Push or Pull (depending on the angle) the ball in the roll slide.

Doing so will cause the path-blocking stone block to shift toward the left, but what’s even more important is that it will link two roll slides located on the outer side of the ruins.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Solution

Also, you can pick up the Treasure collectible – Jedha Scroll, located on edge near the colorful pots.

Jump through the hole, and go down the shortcut you’ve previously activated, then grapple onto the hook point on the left and push the ball on the roll slide.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Solution

Now that the missing part is in place, the ball can reach the top of the ruins.

If you look to the right, you’ll see a floating machine that you can grapple using the Upgraded Ascension Cable.

Hold - GameClubz/- GameClubz and aim at the ledge above, then grapple on the hook point to reach the Path of Persistence Chest containing a BD-1 Cosmetic Item – Industrial.

Next, return to the previous roll slide where you found the Treasure collectible and push back the ball to bring the stone block to its original place.

Head to the left, and climb the wall run segment from the ledge to reach the top of the ruins.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Persistence Puzzle Solution

After you clear the area of enemies, climb the short stairs and collect the second Path of Persistence Databank entry, then push the ball on the roll slide to complete the puzzle and reveal the hidden Essence Perk Slot.

And that’s how you complete the puzzle at the Path of Persistence on Jedha Planet in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you’re interested in solving more puzzles, feel free to check our Wiki Hub Page here for more helpful guides.

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