Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Locations

May 6, 2023

Riverbed Watch is a medium-sized area you can explore on planet Koboh while playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and it features twelve collectibles, including four Databanks.

Note that the Riverbed Watch Databank collectibles are only required if you are a completionist and want to learn more about the lore.

However, if you don’t have the Databanks Locations Display Map Upgrade unlocked, you’ll have a difficult time looking for the collectibles, and even so, you’ll have to get to a hard-to-reach cliff for one of them.

Therefore, you should check the guide below if you want to obtain the SW Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank collectibles quickly.

Koboh Riverbed Watch Databank Locations Map

To start, we’ll provide the following map, which has the locations of the four collectibles pinpointed on it and also a spot in the Southern Reach area you have to get to because, from it, you must make the jump to the roof of a structure to find one of the collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Locations Map

Furthermore, we’ll provide additional instructions for each Databank collectible, starting with the hardest one to find and making our way to the rest.

Databank #1 (A Brokered Alliance): Leaning By A Round Structure

First, you must make sure you have the Dash Ability unlocked, then fast travel to the Southern Reach Meditation Point.

From the saving point, you must proceed until you get to the edge, where you can see a wall covered with vines in front and a waterfall on your right.

Because of the altitude, you need to get to the mentioned wall by either going around or mounting the nearby Relter (big bird) and flying to it.

Once you get to the wall covered by vines, climb it, then jump on the other side of the gap using the two metal bars coming out of the mountain.

Now continue through the pools of water to reach a rope that you should use to get all the way to the other side.

Then head forward to get to the spot marked on the map above, and once near the edge, look down to see the roof of the structure you must reach.

The trick is to jump, wait for a second, then jump a second time, and Dash (- GameClubz/- GameClubz) to cover the rest of the distance to the roof.

Now get down from the roof and look for a highlighted droid leaning by the round structure.

Scan the droid to obtain the first Databank in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Locations

Databank #2 (The Warlord’s Standard): On Some Containers

To continue, find a shortcut leading down to the Riverbed Watch Meditation Point. The shortcut is on the edge of the cliff near a Relter.

Once down, look for a flag on some containers near the saving point, and when you find it, scan it to get credit for the next Databank collectible.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Collectibles Locations

Databank #3 (Battle Droid Blues): In A Small Cave

Upon obtaining Databank #2, continue going down using another shortcut near the saving point and head to the right toward the river.

After you reach the river, look for a small cave on the other side where you can see the third Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank.

SW Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Collectibles Locations

Databank #4 (Doma, Unbowed): On A Rock By The Road

For the last Databank, you must get out of the cave with the previous collectible and head right following the river until you reach a ledge in the water.

Then get out of the water by going to the road on the left and make your way forward to get to a crossroad.

You should be able to see a highlighted dead body on a rock a short distance ahead from the crossroad. Make sure you go forward and not uphill to the left.

Where To Find SW Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databank Collectibles

That’s it, friend! You’ve managed to collect all four Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Databanks and can now start your search for the two Treasures in the same area or check our Wiki Hub Page here for more helpful guides on collectibles and puzzles.

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