Starfield Blast Zone: Where To Find the Hard Rocks

September 12, 2023

Blast Zone is one of the most accessible side missions you can complete in Starfield, but even so, you must not miss it if you are a completionist.

Starfield Blast Zone is also pretty short, and to finish it, you must clear some hard stones for Ngodup Tate, an NPC in Akila City.

The hard rocks must be taken care of because they are located on the land that Mr. Tate wants to build affordable houses for the not-so-fortunate people in Akila City.

Since you don’t want to miss the chance to help with such a noble cause, make sure to check the walkthrough below and learn how to complete the Starfield Blast Zone side mission as fast as possible.

How To Start the Starfield Blast Zone Mission

You can start the Blast Zone mission as soon as you land in Akila City.

While exploring the city for the first time, you’ll eventually get to an Akila City Security Guard who starts talking about Mr. Tate, a realtor trying to organize something for the people of the Stretch.

You might have already started the mission and didn’t even realize it because the Security Guard will start talking about Mr. Tate without asking him anything; you just have to pass by him.

To see if this is the case, you can check the MISC tab of the Missions menu, and if you see Blast Zone listed there, you don’t need to look for the Security Guard.

Now, select the mission, then the objective Talk to Mr. Tate, and press X on your Xbox controller.

Doing so will track the mission, and if you follow the blue marker in Akila City, you’ll get to Mr. Tate, who stands in front of a building behind The Rock.

Starfield Blast Zone starting location

In case you are wondering, The Rock is the large establishment in the middle of the city.

If you start a conversation with Ngodup Tate, he will try to sell you a property, but it’s not mandatory for the mission to buy one.

As such, to advance in the mission, you have to select the following line when you have the opportunity: Nice to meet you. Goodbye.

Then, Mr. Tate will offer you a job because you look like somebody who knows how to handle heavy equipment.

You have to clear the hard stone off the land where he and Low House want to make cheap and affordable housing.

So, assuming you chose to help the realtor, let’s see where you can find these hard rocks.

Starfield Hard Rocks Locations

You have to clear out a total of six hard rocks on Tate’s land to complete the objective, and if you turn to the right after talking to the NPC, you should see the blue markers you need to follow.

The six hard stones are located close to Mr. Tate

As you can see, the stones are really close, and to get rid of them, you’ll need to use a Cutter.

Also, just in case you don’t have a Cutter in your inventory, Mr. Tate will give you one after finishing your conversation with him.

Thus, head to each rock and destroy all of them with the Cutter.

Use the Cutter to destroy the rocks

It’s worth mentioning that you get iron from the rocks after clearing them.

When you are done with all six rocks, make your way back to Tate and report.

He will then congratulate you on a job well done and give you some credits. Of course, you’ll also receive XP.

Nicely done, miner! You’ve cleared Tate’s land and completed the Starfield Blast Zone mission. Now, you can focus on another Akila City side mission, like Charity of the Wolf.

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