Starfield Charity of the Wolf: How to Reboot the Farming Equipment

September 12, 2023

Charity of the Wolf is one of the many Starfield side missions you can complete in Akila City, one of the larger towns in the video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

In Starfield Charity of the Wolf, you must aid Amira Wolf, who runs Low House, by seeing what is the hold up with the IntelliWheat shipment.

Since it is for a good cause, you should consider helping Amira Wolf with everything she needs.

As such, throughout the following walkthrough, I’ll provide all the instructions you need to complete the Starfield Charity of Wolf miscellaneous mission quickly.

How To Start the Starfield Charity of the Wolf Misc Mission

The Charity Wolf mission can be started by visiting Amira Wolf at the Low House building in Akila City.

To get to the Low House building, you can start from the city’s main gate, the one with the Spaceport, and head forward until you reach a green statue of a pointing man.

From the statue, you need to slightly turn left, go up the first set of stairs you see, and head directly forward until you get to the Sinclair’s Books building.

Then go through the small alley to the left, and you should see a sign that says THE STRETCH and points to some stairs going down.

Thus, head down the stairs, and when you get to the road, go right until you reach the Low House building on the left side, as shown in the image below.

Starfield Charity of the Wolf mission starting location

Now talk to Amira Wolf, who is inside the building, and she will tell you about how Low House is trying to help the not-so-fortunate people by providing a bed to sleep in and a hot meal.

Then, she will kindly ask you for a donation so you can chip in with 100 credits.

Finally, to start the mission, you must talk to Amira again and ask her if there is a way you can help out.

She will tell you that the last shipment of IntelliWheat is late and wants you to investigate why that is.

To continue, you need to find a certain Sarah Filburn and see what’s the hold-up.

Where To Find Sarah Filburn in Charity of the Wolf Mission

Finding Sarah Filburn is easy because you can follow the blue marker to her, provided you have tracked the mission from your menu.

You’ll find the NPC in her home in a residential area; just look for a door that, when you approach it, says Weston Filburn’s House. It’s hard to miss because of the blue marker.

Sarah Filburn is found in Weston Filburn's House in Akila City

Sarah will tell you about her problems and eventually ask if she can help you with anything.

At that point, you must tell her that Amira Wolf sent you to ask her why is the IntelliWheat shipment late.

Sarah will tell you that, in short, the farming equipment outside the city needs a manual reboot, and nobody can do it for now because of the Ashta.

You can guess where this is going; it’s up to you yet again to save the day.

Therefore, let’s see what needs to be done to reboot the farming equipment.

How to Reboot the Farming Equipment in Starfield

When you are done talking to Sarah, start following the blue marker again, and you’ll get to a nearby gate leading outside the city.

Go through the gate, and you’ll immediately see a structure in front of you.

As you approach the structure, you’ll encounter a couple of Ashta you need to take out.

Then, follow the blue marker up some stairs in the structure to get to the Filburn Automated Farming Computer.

Filburn Automated Farming Computer is found up some stairs in a structure outside Akila City

Now, you must interact with the computer and reboot the Farming Facility, then return to Amira Wolf to give her the good news.

Amira might not be in the Low House building this time, but she won’t be far from it; just follow the blue marker.

Once you find Amira, inform her you took care of the IntelliWheat shipment, and she will tell you there is more to do.

Amira needs you to visit some people and ask them for donations for Low House. She would do it herself, but she thinks a new face could increase her chances.

Hence, you need to go see the following people in Akila City:

  • The mayor, Elias Cartwright.
  • Duncan Lynch from the Trade Authority.
  • Reisha Lance from Laredo Firearms.

The order in which you visit them doesn’t matter, but I’ll start with the mayor.

Charity of the Wolf Side Mission Elias Cartwright’s Location

Upon talking to Amira, you need to face the center of the city to see three blue markers, which, as you probably guessed, represent the possible donors.

To reach the mayor, Elias Cartwright, you must follow the blue marker on the far left, which is also the closest to the Low House.

As you’re about to see, the mayor is just outside his residence, Cartwright Manor.

Tell the mayor about the donations for the Low House, and he will happily accept to help.

The mayor is located outside of Cartwright Manor

Where To Find Duncan Lynch

Next, you must go to the Trade Autorithy, which is relatively close to the mayor’s place.

As such, follow the blue marker and enter the Trade Authority building to find Duncan Lynch behind the counter.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can say to him to make him donate.

Duncan Lynch is found in the Trade Autorithy building in Akila City

Reisha Lance’s Location in Charity of the Wolf Mission

Last on the list is Reisha Lance, and you can find her in the Laredo Firearms shop behind the Trade Authority building.

Upon asking Reisha for donations for the Low House, she says she will send Justin to take care of it.

Also, Reisha is glad Amira got you to help because she is working too hard.

Reisha Lance is found in the Laredo Firearms shop in Akila City

To continue, you must return to Amira and report.

She will thank you for your efforts and tell you that Sarah Filburn dropped by to let her know what you did to help.

Also, Sarah gave some credits to Amira for you, which you more than deserve because you even fought Ashta to complete the task.

Finally, Amira asks you to deliver a part of the IntelliWheat harvest to Simone Jansen so that you can see the fruits of your labors.

Luckily, Simone’s home is quite close to the Low House building, and you can reach it quickly by following the blue marker.

Simone Jansen is located in her home, close to the Low House building

After finding Simone, she will thank you and Amira on behalf of her family.

Great job, friend! You’ve helped the less fortunate and completed the Starfield Charity of the Wolf side mission. However, you can tackle other side missions, like Red Tape Blues, available in Cydonia in the Sol system.

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