Starfield Red Tape Blues: How to Apply for the Assistant to the Director Job

September 13, 2023

Starfield Red Tape Blues is a miscellaneous mission available in Cydonia, a Mars mining colony in the Sol system.

In the Red Tape Blues side mission, you must do an off-the-books job for Trevor Petyarre, who is the Mining Director for the Deimos mining project in Cydonia.

Trevor wants to get new equipment for the miners and has a plan, which involves you, for solving the problem.

As such, if you want to get the job done quickly, don’t hesitate to check our Starfield Red Tape Blues misc mission walkthrough below.

How To Start the Red Tape Blues Mission in Starfield

After arriving for your first time in Cydonia, go through the airlock to enter the colony, then head forward, and you’ll find two miners talking to Trevor.

Starfield Red Tape Blues mission starting location

Once the three finish their discussion, you can speak with Trevor, who will offer you an unofficial job.

If you decide to hear the man, he will tell you that the miners’ equipment is getting too old, but he has a plan to get a new one.

For Trevor’s plan to work, he first needs you to help the miners exceed their quota.

Thus, you first need to gather ten units of iron.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you can’t find Trevor at the spot mentioned above, you need to head directly forward until you reach some stairs going down.

Take the stairs all the way down or jump and use your boost pack for a smooth landing to find Trevor with a notepad in his hand near a machinery.

Trevor is found near a machinery

Now, let’s see how to get the required iron.

Red Tape Blues Iron Location

Luckily, the area around Trevor’s second location mentioned above has plenty of iron for you to mine, assuming you have a Cutter.

If you have problems spotting the iron, open your scanner by pressing LB on your Xbox controller and look around; it should be highlighted green.

Iron is found near Trevor Petyarre's location

Now pull out that Cutter, then start mining, and when you have the ten units of iron, follow the blue marker to a nearby cart where you must deposit the ore.

Note that the blue marker appears only if you track the mission from your menu.

To continue, head to Trevor, who can still be found near the machinery from before, and tell him you’ve dropped off the ore.

The NPC will now let you know the second part of his plan, which is a little tricky.

He will tell you that the only man who can approve the order for the new equipment is their Director of Mining Operations, Peter Brennan.

What you need to do is become Peter’s assistant and get him to sign off on the approval.

The good news is that Peter is actually looking for an assistant; hence, you need to apply for the job.

How to Apply for the Assistant to the Director Job in Starfield

To apply for the said job, you need to make your way to the Deimos Staryards office, which is up in orbit.

Reaching the Deimos Staryards office is not that hard; open the map for the Sol system, select Deimos near Mars, and hold X to travel to it.

Deimos Staryards is found near Mars in the Sol system

Then, approach the staryard, press A while aiming at the white rhombus, and hold X to dock.

Approach Deimos Staryards to be able to dock

Once on board, follow the blue marker to an orange kiosk.

Look for an orange kiosk on the Deimos Staryards

Now interact with Deimos Sales Computer, select Job Posting: Executive Assistant, then Apply for Job: Executive Assistant and complete the test.

Don’t worry; your answers will not affect the mission’s outcome.

Next, you need to head back to Trevor in Cydonia and report.

Trevor will now tell you that you need to make sure you get the job by eliminating your competition without using violence, of course.

To continue, you need to access the HR terminal in the office upstairs and delete the other applications.

How To Delete the Other Candidates’ Applications in Starfield

So head upstairs on the main level using the nearby stairs or elevator, then follow the blue marker to reach the office.

To continue, I suggest you sit down on a chair in the office and wait the time until the employees leave.

Note that the employees will leave the office at 17:00, and if you try to hack the computer until then, it will result in a bounty.

Of course, it could already be past 17:00 for you, and in that case, you don’t need to wait.

When you are all set, interact with the Deimos HR Computer with the blue marker above it, select Job Applications, and then Delete All Other Candidates Applications.

The HR terminal is found in the office upstairs of Trevor's location

Now, to complete the Starfield Red Tape Blues side mission, all you have to do is return to Trevor and report. However, he will tell you to go work for Peter, and when you get access to his terminal, you must approve Trevor’s equipment request. But you get to do all this in the Red Tape Runaround mission.

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