Starfield Freight Fright: Where To Find the Ship

September 17, 2023

Freight Fright is a Starfield side mission you can start in the Cydonia mining colony on planet Mars of the Sol system.

In Starfield Freight Fright, you must help Denis Averin, who manages a shop in Cydonia, by checking on a big delivery that is taking way too long to arrive.

The ship can be found in the Mars desert, and you need to go there to see what happened. Once you find the ship, take care of anything that shouldn’t be on board and check the condition of the crates.

Also, I’ve prepared the Starfield Freight Fright mission walkthrough below to help you with this task if needed.

How To Start the Freight Fright Mission in Starfield

To start Freight Fright, you first need to locate Denis Averin in Cydonia.

As such, head forward after entering the colony, and when you reach the stairs, don’t go down; instead, turn to the left slightly to see a couple of doors.

You have to go to the last door, the one that says UC EXCHANGE, and open it to spot Denis behind his desk, as shown in the next image.

Starfield Freight Fright mission starting location

To continue, talk to the NPC and pick the following line when it’s possible: It must be exhausting managing the entire shop yourself.

Then, as mentioned, Denis will tell you about his late shipment, and he will be pretty happy when you offer to go to its last location to check it out for him.

To sum up, find the ship, go inside, and eliminate any hostile presence you might find, then check on the cargo.

Freight Fright Ship Location

Finding Denis’ ship can be easy if you track the mission then open the Mars map and look for the blue marker.

The Freighter is located on Mars

Now select the ship icon and hold X on your Xbox controller to travel to it.

Upon arriving at the Freighter Site, look for the blue marker and follow it to find the ship, which is quite large, as you can see.

Exploring the Freighter

Next, you must run around the ship until you find the hatch you can use to enter the freighter, which should also have a blue marker.

Once inside, you’ll have two objectives:

  • Exterminate heat leeches.
  • Check the cargo.

I suggest you first explore every inch of the ship and kill every leach you find so they don’t attack and annoy you while checking the cargo.

The heat leeches look like weird snakes and are easy to take down.

Kill all the heat leeches on the ship

As for the cargo, luckily, every chest has a blue marker above it, just like in the following screenshot.

Check the cargo on the Freighter

You need to check on all the chests, but be aware that some of them have heat leeches inside that will attack you.

After killing every leach and checking every chest in the ship, you must return to Denis at his shop.

To complete the Starfield Freight Fright side mission, report to Denis, and you’ll be rewarded with credits and XP. But the NPC has more work for you; thus, if you are interested, talk to him again to start Refurbished Goods.

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