Starfield Heart of Mars Walkthrough

September 15, 2023

Heart of Mars is a funny Starfield side mission that can be completed on planet Mars in the Sol system.

For the Starfield Heart of Mars mission, you have to locate a cave somewhere in the Martian wastes where you can presumably find the purest titanium ore you have ever seen.

But apparently, the said cave is cursed, and all the people who ventured to search for it never returned.

Since you don’t get scared so easily, you’ll probably want to look for this cave yourself, and if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to check our Starfield Heart of Mars side mission walkthrough below.

How To Start the Heart of Mars Mission in Starfield

In order to play the Heart of Mars quest, you must first locate Laylah Pulaski, who is a miner in the Cyodnia colony.

The NPC can be found in the mining area on the bottom level of Cydonia.

To get there quickly, head forward after entering the colony, and when you reach the railing, go all the way down.

Explore the area and look for a woman dressed in yellow who is probably mining, as shown in the next image.

Starfield Heart of Mars mission starting location

Now, talk to Laylah to learn about her interest in something called the Heart of Mars.

When you tell the woman to elaborate on the subject, she will explain how there is a cave in the Martian wastes that holds the purest titanium ore ever seen.

Since the ore is worth pretty much, you might be inclined to find the cave in question, but Laylah warns you that she heard the place is cursed and nobody who went there has ever returned.

If you are like me, the curse part piqued your interest even more, and now you must really go on this treasure hunt.

Where To Find the Heart of Mars

Luckily, Laylah will give you the coordinates of the cursed cave, and you can head there as soon as you want.

To continue, make sure you have the mission tracked, then open the map of Mars, select the CAVE location with the blue marker above it, and hold X on your Xbox controller to travel there.

Once you arrive at your destination, you should see the cave right in front of you; if not, follow the blue marker to it.

Now, venture into it and open your flashlight (hold LB), as it’s quite dark in there.

Then, follow the blue marker to find a small rock deposit, which should be the actual Heart of Mars.

The Heart of Mars is found in a cave on Mars

If you open your inventory and inspect the item, you can see it is really valuable.

The Heart of Mars is quite valuable

It’s time to return to Laylah to tell her what you’ve found and how there was no curse.

The NPC could be in the residential area this time, but if you follow the blue marker, you’ll have no problems finding her.

Laylah will be surprised you’ve actually found the Heart of Mars because she was just trying to prank you; she never believed the legend could be true.

The joke’s on her because you’ll get some serious credits if you decide to sell the item.

Well done, adventurer! Indiana Jones himself would be proud of your work, and just like that, you’ve completed the Starfield Heart of Mars mission. Now you can turn your attention to other Cydonia missions, like Space Frog from Outer Space.

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