Starfield The Kindness of Strangers: Where To Find the Patient’s Home

September 9, 2023

Starfield The Kindness of Strangers is a New Atlantis side mission where you can share some goodness with a man in need.

The mission takes place in The Well underground area of New Atlantis, which you can reach even at the start of your journey in Starfield.

Also, because kindness doesn’t go unrewarded, you’ll receive some credits from the start of the side mission and 150 XP when you complete it.

To help you with the mission, I’ll provide instructions in the Starfield Kindness of Strangers walkthrough below.

How To Start The Kindness of Strangers Side Mission in Starfield

As mentioned, the mission is available in The Well area of New Atlantis, and to get there, you can fast-travel to the city’s MAST District, turn around, head down the ramp, and use the elevator to the left.

Once you get off the elevator, head directly forward while keeping an eye on the right side to spot the Trade Authority building.

Facing the Trade Authority, you can see the House of the Enlightened building on the left side.

Now, open the door and get inside the House of the Enlightened to see an NPC behind a desk.

Starfield The Kindness of Strangers mission starting point

The NPC is named Andy Singh, and if you tell him you are looking for work, he will have a task for you.

Singh asks you to pick up Tahir, a man over at the MedBay who needs help to get home since he is recovering from some injuries.

Thus, your mission is to take Tahir home, but not until you grab a bite to eat from Kay’s House.

Where To Find Tahir

To continue, retrace your steps and head toward the elevator you used to reach The Well area.

But pay attention to the left side because you should soon see the MedBay and Tahir on a chair in front of it, as shown in the next screenshot.

Tahir is found on a chair in front of the MedBay

Tell Tahir you’re here to help out and take him home.

However, don’t forget you have to stop by Kay’s House and grab some food.

Kay’s House Location in Starfield

As such, head back toward the House of the Enlightened, and when you get close, you should see Kay’s House restaurant on the left side.

Kay's House is located near the House of the Enlightened

Head inside and talk to Kay Maison, who seems to know Tahir, so she says the food is on the house.

Once you’ve picked up the Miso Soup, it’s time to take Tahir home.

Where To Find Tahir’s Home in The Kindness of Strangers Mission

To continue, get out of the restaurant and make your way to the Trade Authority building.

After getting in front of the Trade Authority, turn to the right while facing the building, then head forward for a few meters and go up the stairs to the left.

Assuming you have the mission tracked, follow the blue marker once you’ve climbed the two sets of stairs, and you should reach Tahir’s home area.

Tahir's Home is near the place where the children play soccer

To complete Starfield The Kindness of Strangers side mission, talk to Tahir, and don’t forget to give him the Miso Soup. Great job, friend! You’ve made Tahir happy and thankful since strangers around these parts can’t be trusted. But don’t forget to check our Starfield Wiki Hub for more walkthroughs and guides.

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