Starfield: Where To Find Ricardo Bosch’s Slate

September 9, 2023

Ricardo Bosch is a Starfield NPC who needs you to recover his research slate, which you can find on a station orbiting Voss, a moon in the Alpha Centauri system.

However, Starfield Ricardo Bosch’s Slate is surrounded by Zealots who will attack you when you enter the station.

Thus, you’ll need to prepare for some intense fighting to complete the Activity.

No worries, though, because throughout the following walkthrough, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you reach Starfield Ricardo Bosch’s Slate.

Ricardo Bosch’s Location in Starfield

To start the Activity, you must first locate Ricardo Bosch; as such, first make your way to the Mast District in New Atlantis, the first large city you get to explore in the video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Then, you need to enter the MAST building, which is pretty huge and hard to miss.

Just turn around after you fast-travel to the district, and you should see it above the NAT station.

Once in the building, use the elevator to get to the Defense Research / Health and Human Services / Aegis floor.

After getting off the elevator, go through the door to the left, the one that says Defense Research & Initiatives Program.

Next, you must make your way to the room with the 1 sign above its entrance and head inside to find Ricardo Bosch sitting on a chair, as shown in the image below.

Ricardo Bosch is found on the the Defense Research / Health and Human Services / Aegis floor in the MAST building

Now, talk to the man to learn that he is just settling in and the only thing he is missing is his research slate.

To continue, you can offer to find the slate for him, and then Ricardo will provide the coordinates to the station where you can find the item.

Where To Find Ricardo Bosch’s Slate

When you are done talking to Bosch, open your menu, select the Activity’s objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to Set Course.

You have to travel to the Starstation near Voss, which is a moon orbiting the huge planet Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system.

Ricardo Bosch's Slate location

At this time, you have to dock with the station, so approach it, aim at the white rhombus with the blue marker above it, and hold X.

It’s worth mentioning that the blue marker appears only if you have the Activity tracked.

Once inside, pull out your weapon and advance, taking out all the Zealots that stand in your way.

Don’t forget to follow the blue marker, and you’ll soon reach the COMMS CENTER door.

Head through to reach an area with more Zealots you must clear.

Then, go to the ground floor and follow the blue marker yet again to find Ricardo Bosch’s Slate on a table in LAB 01.

Ricardo Bosch's Slate is found on a table in LAB 01 of the Starstation near Voss

Now, head back to your ship, but don’t forget to loot the chests and corpses.

Finally, return to Ricardo, who is waiting in the same place you found him, and give him the slate.

Excellent job, friend! You’ve found Starfield Ricardo Bosch’s Slate and completed the Activity. But there is plenty more to do in New Atlantis, like completing The Kindness of Strangers side mission.

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