Starfield Supra Et Ultra: How To Pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam

by Vlad
September 4, 2023

Supra Et Ultra is the first Starfield mission you must complete, assuming you want to finish the UC Vanguard Faction questline in the video game developed by Bethesda.

The Starfield Supra Et Ultra is also one of the missions that is trickier than it looks at first sight because your actions determine the rewards you’ll receive. While the Supra Et Ultra Starfield mission mainly consists of a piloting exam, your results dictate your rewards.

Or simply put, the grade you obtain at the end of the exam is important. However, the Supra Et Ultra mission in Starfield and the Vanguard Piloting exam can be cheated, meaning that you can easily pass the piloting tests without breaking a sweat.

Therefore, supposing you want to get the most out of the first Starfield UC Vanguard Faction mission, in the following Supra Et Ultra walkthrough, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the piloting exam and how to cheat it.

How To Start the Supra Et Ultra Mission in Starfield

Supra Et Ultra Vanguard mission in Starfiled can be triggered after you meet Commander John Tuala in the MAST building. The said building is located in the New Atlantis MAST District.

Chronologically, if you follow the game’s story, you’ll meet Tuala during The Old Neighborhood main mission since Sarah Morgan asks you to visit him.

As you enter the Vanguard Office in the MAST building, you’ll spot the NPC behind a desk in the lobby.

Starfield Supra Et Ultra starts when you talk to Tuala in the MAST District.

After finding Tuala, feel free to ask him about the Vanguard Faction, and when you are ready, agree to sign up.

Before moving forward, it’s worth knowing that if you join the Vanguard in Starfield, you won’t look yourself out from other factions. This means that you can still join the Crimson Fleet, Freestar Rangers, and Ryujin Factions.

Now that you have agreed to join the Vanguard, Tuala will ask you to take the nearby elevator down and complete your registration.

At this point, it is recommended to make sure that you have several Digipicks in your inventory and that your character can hack Advanced Locks (Tech Security Skill Rank 1).

When ready, enter the elevator in the lobby and take it to the Vanguard Orientation Hall.

How to Register for the Vanguard in Starfield

Once you reach the Vanguard Orientation Hall, the next objective is to register your application.

To Register for the Vanguard in Starfield interact with the computer in the Vanguard Orientation Hall

Approach the computer on the desk near the elevator and select the Enlistment Agreement. Finally, click the Agree button, then exit.

On the other side of the office is the door leading to the Orientation Hall. Enter the hall and look around to notice that you are in a museum.

Here, you can learn more about Starfield’s history and lore, as well as the events that occurred in the past.

Exploring the Orientation Hall is only an optional objective that won’t affect your rewards; however, Tuala will know how many displays you interacted with; therefore, it’s best to take your time and explore the museum.

The path ahead is linear, and all you need to do is interact with the buttons in front of all exhibits you encounter.

Check the exhibits in  the Orientation Hall.

After you reach the other side of the Orientation Hall, take the elevator to the Piloting Simulator.

When you enter the simulation room, feel free to look around; then head to the first floor, where you should see the Piloting Simulator in the following screenshot.

Enter the Piloting Simulator to start the exam.

How To Cheat The Supra Et Ultra Vanguard Piloting Exam

Inside the Starfield Piloting Simulator, things are pretty straightforward. Your objective is to defeat three waves of enemies in space combat, but if you pay attention to the voice in the background, you’ll find out that there are six waves.

The first three are quite accessible if you know how to fight in space. Use your DPad Left and Right arrows to switch between your ship’s weapons, Shield, and engine and the Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease their power.

Remember that the lasers (RT on your Xbox) are used to lower the shields of your enemies, and the ballistic canons and missiles are used to deal damage.

Defeat the first three waves to complete the Piloting Simulator Exam

Now, here are the enemies you should expect to encounter during the first three waves of the exam:

  • Tier 1: One level 32 ship
  • Tier 2: Two level 20 ships
  • Tier 3: Two level 38 ships

Defeating the first three waves is mandatory for completing the Supra Et Ultra mission.

Once you’re done with your exam, you have the option to exit the Piloting Simulator, but you shouldn’t. Instead, you should try dealing with the remaining three waves, which, as you can guess, are more difficult; however, you can actually cheat during the fight.

How To Use The Simulation Controls Debug Tools

While not necessarily a cheat per se, if you want to get the most out of the Supra Et Ultra exam, you can activate several debug applications to help you beat the remaining three waves.

These applications are accessed via the Simulation Controls terminal inside the Piloting Simulator cockpit. Look for a small panel near the door, behind your chair.

Check the simulation controls panel to cheat the exam.

When using the Starfield Simulation Controls terminal, you’ll get access to several options that dramatically increase your chances of defeating the last three waves of enemies. Furthermore, using these debug tools is recommended for getting better rewards at the end of the mission.

So, start by interacting with the Simulation Controls panel, then access the Debug Tools to see the following list of options:

  • Shield Upgrade (Available for 1 Tier)
  • Damage Upgrade (Available for 1 Tier)
  • Generate Ally (1 available)
  • Authorized Users Only

The first three options are straightforward but be advised that they only work for 1 Tier. Or simply put, if you use the Shield Upgrade during Tier 4, you won’t be able to use it again during Tier 5. So plan accordingly.

The real cheat, however, is found behind the Authorized Users Only options, which can be accessed by lockpicking the advanced security level. If you paid attention to the beginning of this guide and have several digipicks at your disposal, make sure you lockpick the Authorized Users Only. This will give you two additional options:

  • Infinite Upgrades (Upgrades persist between Tiers)
  • Generate Debug Ally (1 available)
Activate all debug tools

The Generate Debug Ally tool spawns a level 62 ally to help you in combat, while the Infinite Upgrades option allows you to override the limitations you have on the previous upgrades. Therefore, all your Shield and damage upgrades will be transferred from one tier to another.

These options make the remaining 3 Tiers easier. So consider activating them for the remaining three Tiers because you’ll need to deal with more powerful enemies:

  • Tier 4: One level 44 ship
  • Tier 5: Four level 40 ships
  • Tier 6: Five random ships

It is worth knowing that the sixth tier is quite difficult, but if you know how to handle your ship, it’s not impossible, especially if you use the debug options.

Now, regardless of how many Tiers you defeat after the third wave, after you pass the exam, you’ll have to return to Tuala.

He’ll overview your progress and even congratulate you for using the debug tools, thus showing inventivity. For the last objective, you must follow Tuala outside the building and swear your oath.

Starfield Supra Et Ultra mission ends immediately after you join the Vanguard, but this time around, the Credits you’ll receive as a reward vary, depending on how many Tiers you have completed:

  • Tier 3: 7,000 or more
  • Tier 4: 8,500 or more
  • Tier 5: 10,000
  • Tier 6: 20,000

Finally, the number of Piloting Exam Tiers you complete determines how long it will take for you to become a UC Citizen. If you finish only 3 Tiers (minimum allowed), you’ll earn your Citizenship in 10 years, but if you defeat all six waves, you’ll become a Citizen in 3 years.

Don’t worry about this too much, though, because you’ll get there faster. Now that you know how to cheat and pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam don’t forget to check our Starfield Wiki Hub for more guides or visit our Starfield Cheats list if you want to use Cheat Codes on your PC.

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