Stray: All Music Sheets Collectibles Locations

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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July 20, 2022

Stray Music Sheets are part of the collectibles system of the game that can only be found during Chapter 4: The Slums.

To obtain the Music Sheets, you must stand next to them and press the interact button, but to do that, you will need to locate them first.

Therefore, in the following guide, we’ve put together a complete list of all the Music Sheet locations in the world of Stray. In addition, we will show you how to use them and their purpose in the game.

How To Use Music Sheets In Stray

As you progress through the game, a Robot musician named Morusque will assign you the duty of collecting eight Music Sheets.

These are collectible items that can be found all over the world, and while they can be challenging to obtain, they are not impossible.

After you find all eight Music Sheets, you need to return them to Morusque, who will award you the Music Badge, one of the six badges that can be collected in the game.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find

This badge will also unlock the Meowlody Trophy/Achievement on PS4/PS5 or Steam, bringing you closer to your completionist goal.

Music Sheets Locations – Where To Find

Stray Music Sheets can be found all over the world, on shelves, tables, pianos, inside picture frames, and even inside a locked safe.

So, we will go over all Music Sheets locations in Stray in the same order as they are listed in the game.

Music Sheet 1/8 – Momo’s Apartment

The first Music Sheet can be found inside Momo’s apartment, and getting there requires climbing up and across a series of air vents to reach the rooftops.

After speaking with the robot known as ‘the Guardian’, turn around, go down the stairs and climb up, starting from the green garbage container, jumping on the air vents until you reach the rooftops.

Go past the green area with robots throwing paint buckets, and climb up using the air vents.

Jump across the other roof, next to the robot named Swanito, and keep climbing the air vents until you reach Momo’s apartment.

Get inside through the opened window and look for the storage room with the door closed, but you can still get inside through the bars.

Look for a shelf attached to a wall close to several cardboard boxes. Climb the boxes to reach the shelf, where you’ll find the first Music Sheet in Stray.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Locations Where To Find

Music Sheet 2/8 – Clementine’s Balcony

After you’ve spoken with Momo and received the first Notebook, leave the apartment through the opened window.

Once outside, the B-12 drone will tell you that the symbol on the wall matches the one on the notebook (that’s Clementine’s apartment).

Take the bucket lift down and make your way on the rooftops and the large metal pipe until you reach the balcony next to Clementine’s apartment.

You will find the second one of the Stray Music Sheets lying on a table on the balcony.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Where To Find

Music Sheet 3/8 – Elliot’s Apartment

From the balcony, make your way down on the air vents and roofs until you reach the ground floor.

In this alley are two robots, Kory and Gwap, with a Chinese cat statue between them.

To their right is a brown door that you will be prompted to translate: “Elliot Programming / Knock on the door and wait for us to open.”

Scratch the door, and right in front, you will see the third one of the Stray Music Sheets inside the portrait frame of Elliot.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations

Also, at the top of the stairs, you can find one of the seven Memories (covered in depth here).

Music Sheet 4/8 – Vendor Azooz

Leave Elliot’s apartment by scratching the door again and follow the path to the left, back to the robot named ‘the Guardian.’

Take the stairs on the left and collect one of the Energy Drinks from the vending machine by interacting with it.

Now, head back to the Guardian and take the stairs on the right, and you will meet a robot named Azooz, who has a small shop.

Inspect the Music Sheet, and then trade the Energy Drink to add the fourth Music Sheet to your inventory.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find Azooz

Music Sheet 5/8 – Upper Floor Bar

From ‘the Guardian’ robot, take the stairs down in front of him, and you will see a robot leaning against a vending machine with a red glowing sign above him.

Get inside the bar next to that robot, and head to the upper floor with the pool table and another robot in the corner, reading the newspaper.

You will find the fifth one of the eight Stray Music Sheets collectibles on the second table (check the image below).

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find Bar

Music Sheet 6/8 – Clementine’s Apartment

Leave the bar through the opened window on the upper floor, and once outside, look for a garbage container next to two robots sitting by the fire.

Jump on the garbage container, the air vent, and finally, on the rooftop.

Follow the short narrow path between the buildings, jump on the roof once more, on the metal pipe, then go inside Clementine’s apartment (blue painted wall with a lantern in front).

Proceed into the next room by going through the openings in the door, and you will find the sixth one of the eighth Stray Music Sheets on the shelf next to the bed.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find Clementine Apartament

Music Sheet 7/8 – Library

Leave Clementine’s apartment through the window you came, jump down on the metal pipe and follow it until you reach a rooftop.

After you reach the roof, slightly on the left, you will notice a balcony with two glowing red lanterns and a glowing blue sign with a face showing surprise.

Make your way on the rooftops to reach the balcony, and enter the apartment through the small gap in the door on the balcony.

Once inside the library, follow the right path, then immediately on the left, you will see a piano holding the seventh Music Sheet collectible.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find Library

Music Sheet 8/8 – Safe

For the final Stray Music Sheet, leave the library and make your way back to ‘the Guardian’ robot.

Take the stairs on the left leading to the street musician Morusque and continue straight until you find an alley on the left.

You will find a safe amongst the rubble, and when you interact with it, use the code “1283” to unlock it and obtain the last Stray Music Sheet.

Stray Chapter 4 Music Sheets Collectibles Locations Where To Find Safe

Once you’ve found all eight of them, you can return them to Morusque, the robot musician, who will award you the Music Badge.

And that’s how you collect all Music Sheets in the video game developed by BlueTwelve Studio for PC & PlayStation. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts or questions in the comments section down below.

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