Stray Broken Tracker: How To Fix

July 22, 2022

As we’ve seen so far, a significant part of Stray involves completing tasks assigned to you by other characters.

One of these tasks is to repair a Broken Tracker for Seamus in Chapter 6: The Slums (Part 2), a gadget that might help him find his father, Doc.

The task might be a little confusing initially, but it’s easy to complete if you know where to go and what to do.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you how to fix the Broken Tracker in a few simple steps while playing the video game developed by BlueTwelve Studio.

How To Fix The Broken Tracker In Stray

In Chapter 6: The Slums (Part 2), you will reunite with Momo at the bar and meet a new character named Seamus, Doc’s son.

In Seamus’s apartment, you will find Doc’s secret lab, where he was working on a weapon to fight against the Zurks.

On one of the shelves, inside a white box, you will discover a Broken Tracker, a gadget that can help you find Doc, but first, it needs to be fixed.

The only character in the Slums that can fix the Broken Tracker is Elliot, who can be found in his apartment with a sign on the door that translates into “Elliot Programming / Knock on the door and wait for us to open.

Once you bring him the Broken Tracker, he will let you know that he needs a blanket first to be able to fix it.

How To Fix The Broken Tracker In Stray

To stop him from shivering, we will have to find something he can use as a blanket.

If you did some exploring during Chapter 4: The Slums, there is a character named Grandma a bit down the alley from Elliot’s apartment, who will make you a poncho if you bring her an Electric Cable.

We can give this Poncho to Elliot to make him stop shivering and fix the Broken Tracker.

How To Get The Electric Cable

The Electric Cable can only be obtained from the merchant, Azooz, that can be found down the stairs to the right of the Guardian’s garage.

He will exchange the Electric Cable for a Super Spirit Detergent, which is inside the laundromat with no obvious way inside.

How To Get The Electric Cable In Stray Azooz

From the Guardian’s garage, go ahead down the stairs, jump on the green garbage container, and keep going upwards on the AC Units.

On the rooftops, two robots throw paint tins from one roof to another.

If you stand to the left of the thrower, you’ll get a meow prompt just as he’s going to throw, and he’ll drop the paint onto the street below.

How To Get The Electric Cable In Stray

Kosma, the laundromat owner, will rush out in a rage to wipe up the paint, allowing you to slip inside.

The Super Spirit Detergent can be found on the window sill to the left of the door.

How To Get A Blanket For Elliot

Return to the merchant, Azooz, and exchange the Super Spirit Detergent for the Electric Cables.

Once you have the Electric Cables, give them to Grandma, who will knit you a lovely poncho.

How To Get A Blanket For Elliot In Stray

Return to Elliot and give him the Poncho so he can start fixing the Broken Tracker.

With the Fixed Tracker, speak with Seamus so you can proceed to the next chapter of the story.

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