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July 21, 2022

Stray Notebooks are key items hidden inside apartments around The Slums area, which are necessary for Momo to fix the Transceiver to get in contact with his old friends.

If you can find the Zbaltazar, Doc, and Clementine study notes made on the Outside, you might be able to speak with people outside The Slums, but these Notebooks have been scattered around town.

So, to continue the story and progress to the next chapter, you’ll need to find all four Stray Notebooks; therefore, we’ve got a clear breakdown of where you can find them.

Stray Notebooks Locations – Where To Find

Although the Stray Notebooks are numbered from 1 to 4, they can be obtained in any order, and you do not need to meet Momo before collecting the other three Notebooks.

So, you can tackle this objective in whatever order you wish, but in this guide, we will go over all four Stray Notebooks in the same order they are numbered in the video game developed by BlueTwelve Studio for PC & PlayStation.

Notebook 1/4 – Momo

After you reach The Slums and meet with the Guardian, the first task you’ll have to complete is to find Momo in his apartment, who is in the high-up building with the orange neon sign.

There are several ways to get there, and the sign is an unmistakable landmark to aim for, but if you’re having trouble, go to the top of the bar with the red neon sign and look towards the neon sign while moving forwards and upwards.

Next to the sleeping robot, jump on the AC units to the balcony, where you can enter via the window into Momo’s apartment.

Inside, approach Momo and show him the postcard, at which point he’ll tell you about his troubles with the Transceiver and his friends.

As part of this conversation, he’ll also offer you Momo’s Notebook, one of the four Stray Notebooks required to complete the collection.

Stray Notebooks Locations - Where To Find Memo

While you’re here, you can also enter the bedroom area through the beaded curtain behind Momo and acquire one of the Stray B-12 Memories by interacting with the video game poster on the wall.

Notebook 2/4 – Zbaltazar

Leave Momo’s Apartment through the window you came and jump on the balcony’s metal railing.

On your left, you will notice the Outsiders symbols (the cyan neon sign), one inside a closed balcony and the other next to the building.

That’s the top of the building where we need to go (check the image below).

Stray Notebooks Locations - Where To Find Zbaltazar

Now, jump down on the AC units we climbed before, walk under Memo’s balcony, behind the paint pot throwing robot, and keep going to the top of the building.

Pull the plug on the side of the ventilation system to turn off the spinning fan so you can jump down to the room below.

Once inside, get off the bunk bed and look for a stack of boxes near the small table that you can knock over by hopping on top of them and then jumping off again.

Stray Notebooks Locations Zbaltazar

After you knock them over, check the floor for Zbaltazar’s Notebook, the second of the Stray Notebooks in the collection.

Notebook 3/4 – Doc

To give a clearer view of where the next Stray Notebook is, from Momo’s balcony, look to your right, and you will see the Outsiders symbol again (cyan neon sign) and two red lanterns on a balcony (check the image below).

Make your way on the rooftops to reach the balcony and enter through the hole in the door to access the library.

Stray Notebooks Locations - Where To Find Doc

Go to the library’s back corner to find a small hideaway behind several book stacks.

Jump over the books, then translate the note on the bed, giving you the safe keys and a hint as to where to look for it.

Back in the main library area, locate the safe on the row behind the couch, which is not well hidden behind numerous piles of books, and knock them over to get access to the safe door.

Interact with the safe and use the safe keys to unlock it, then take Doc’s Notebook from within to obtain the third entry of the Stray Notebooks.

Stray Notebooks Locations Doc

While here, check out the piano around the corner in the library to find one of the Stray Sheet Music locations (check this guide to find them all) and get closer to obtaining one of the Stray Badges.

Notebook 4/4 – Clementine

From Momo’s balcony, look across the rooftops for the Outsiders symbol painted blue on the wall with an opened window next to it.

Take down the bucket pulley, jump across the rooftops, follow the metal pipe, and enter Clementine’s apartment through the window.

Stray Notebooks Locations - Where To Find Clementine

Inside the apartment, enter through a gap in the door to the bedroom, then go left to find a small side room filled with books.

There is a computer at the far end of the room, and if you climb onto the desk, you can grab Clementine’s Notebook from the top of a monitor.

Stray Notebooks Locations Clementine

While here, on your way out of Clementine’s apartment, you can pick up one of the Stray Music Sheets off the shelf next to the unmade bed.

With the Stray Notebooks collection completed, return them all to Momo in his apartment so you can proceed to the next chapter of the story.

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