Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns: How To Complete

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March 3, 2023

The Yellow Heaven Burns is the first Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Sub Battlefield or side-mission you’ll get to complete after finishing Two Chivalrous Heroes in the action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns is much shorter than the previous two missions and features only a mini-boss you’ll get to defeat at the end of the battlefield; however, the mission is mandatory if you want to increase your character’s stats, and improve your equipment.

After defeating the bosses on Mount Dongshan, it’s time to deal with the remaining Yellow Turbans, who have assembled under a new commander named Bo Cai.

While resilient, the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Bo Cai boss is less powerful than all other bosses you have encountered so far.

While playing The Yellow Heaven Burns In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you must find two Battle Flags and seven Marking Flags. Last but not least, you’ll also want to find the Dragon Vein Essence, a key item that acts as a collectible.

So, to help you navigate the Sub Battlefield, our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns walkthrough guides you from one Flag to another and explains where to find all items and how to deal with all enemies.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns Walkthrough

When you start The Yellow Heaven Burns or enter the Sub Battlefield, you must remember that while playing the Two Chivalrous Heroes, you unlocked your first companion.

As such, to make all encounters easier, it’s recommended that you take him with you. Zhao Yun may not be the strongest ally, but he will greatly help you since he can taunt and distract enemies.

To summon him, approach the first Battle Flag on the right side of the starting area, and while resting, check the Reinforcements Tab. Now, select Zhao Yun and consume one Tiger Seal to summon him.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns Walkthrough

While at the first Battle Flag, it’s also recommended that you buy several arrows to deal with the archers waiting for you.

Now, when ready, let’s see how to clear the Yellow Turbans without missing anything.

Marking Flag #1

From the starting point, make sure you pay attention to the patrolling soldier down the road. When he turns around, move slowly behind him and use a strong attack (Triangle/Y) to start the fight with a notable advantage.

After dealing with him, before entering the temple on the right side, notice the archer on the wooden platform on the left side and another Yellow Turban on the right side of the road leading down the hill.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns Guide

Shoot the archer first, then attack the enemy by the campfire from above. Now, before entering the temple, be advised that there is another archer waiting for you on the platform on the right side.

Shoot him before stepping inside, then stay alert because there are two enemies waiting for you in the chamber on the left side of the temple.

Once you deal with the archer, shoot the Yellow Turban by the side room’s entrance to lure him out and defeat him before the second enemy reaches you.

In the temple’s side room, you’ll find the first Yellow Heaven Burns Marking Flag.

Marking Flag #2

After activating the first Marking Flag, destroy the wooden boxes in the temple’s main room to obtain 1 Rank One Leather. Now, jump on the wooden platforms and get to the roof.

The moment you exit, turn right and check the roof’s front side to find another Rank One Leather.

Now, retrace your steps to the back of the roof, and look up to spot an enemy waiting for you. Shoot him before he spots you, then deal with him.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Guide

After defeating the Yellow Turban above, climb the wooden platform, and you’ll spot the second Marking Flag. Activate it before moving forward.

Marking Flag #3

Great job! Now let’s deal with more Yellow Turbans. From the second Marking Flag, jump to the lower roof, then to the wooden platform, where you should see a flowing loot spot. Collect the Rank One Leather. Now, move towards the watch tower, where an enemy awaits.

You can shoot him or attack him from behind, but be advised that more enemies await on the ground.

While on top of the tower, you should see a captain protecting a Treasure Chest (both marked below) and a loot spot on the temple’s exterior wall.

There is another enemy patrolling the path under the tower and a dog near the chest, but you’ll want to prioritize the captain and start with an attack from above. Then deal with the dog and finally the soldier.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Walkthrough

After you defeat all enemies, loot the Treasure Chest to get a Rank One Leather and a Yellow Turban Champion Helmet. From the loot spot, you’ll get a Yellow Turban Bandit Garb.

After you get these items, return to the wooden platform, and on the right side, you’ll see the third Marking Flag at the end of a bridge. Make sure you activate it.

Marking Flag #4

From the Marking Flag 4, you’ll want to return to the previous area, and while remaining on top of the wooden platforms, pay close attention to the following enemies.

First, you have an enemy that patrols the suspended bridge, then another one on top of the second temple down the hill.

Finally, there is a guard dog near the gate leading to the starting area.

Start with the enemy on the bridge, then shoot the archer on the roof.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Flags Locations

Last but not least, deal with the guard dog by attacking from above.

Now you should be back on the ground in front of the second temple, and the first thing you’ll want to do is check the loot spot on the left side (on top of a wooden platform).

From it, you’ll get a Rank One Steel. Once you obtain the crafting material, use the wooden platforms to reach the roof’s top level and activate the fourth Marking Flag in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns.

Marking Flag #5

After activating the fourth Flag, jump back to the crate where you found the Steel, then continue along the terrace, where you should see an enemy overseeing the area below.

You can easily take him down with an attack from behind, then continue along the terrace to find the fifth Marking Flag.

Activate it, then enter the temple but first look around the corner to spot a patrolling captain inside. Attack him from behind to start the fight with a notable advantage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns All Flags Locations

Once you deal with him, smash all crates and open the chest to get the following items:

  • One Rank 1 Steel
  • Great Wooden Hammer

Battle Flag #2

After you clear the second temple, you’ll have to make your way to the second Battle Flag, which is protected by another leader.

Since he’s more powerful than the mobs, it is best to lure him toward the temple, and you can do this by attacking the guard dog (wolf) patrolling the path ahead.

So, first, kill the dog as fast as possible, then the leader, but be advised that there is another soldier behind the broken wall on the right side. Deal with him after the leader.

If you charge the captain directly, you’ll be targeted by the archer on top of the ledge (marked below).

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Strategy Guide

The archer is the last enemy you’ll want to deal with before activating the second Yellow Heaven Burns Battle Flag in the small valley below.

Marking Flag #6

The sixth Marking Flag is also the most difficult because it involves a powerful opponent you must deal with.

Specifically, to get to the said Flag, you must defeat a Changgui or the tiger-like creature you also encountered while playing Village of Calamity.

The said creature, however, also guards one of the 15 Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Essences, so from the Battle Flag, follow the ledges behind (where you killed the archer above).

As you progress through the canyon, collect the Rank 1 Steel on the ground, then in the valley below, you’ll see the sixth Marking Flag, the sleeping Changgui, and the Treasure Chest containing the Dragon Vein Essence.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Collectibles Locations

When engaging the Changgui, you must make sure that you remain in the canyon because it doesn’t allow the beast to move around you. Obviously, deflecting and parrying the beast’s attacks is key in this fight, but this time around, Zhao Yun will also help you, taunting the creature.

You can also start the fight with a surprise attack from behind since the beast sleeps, but make sure you quickly return to the canyon to keep the Changgui at bay.

Defeating the beast is mandatory for getting the sixth Marking Flag and the only Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Yellow Heaven Burns collectible. After you obtain it, make sure you use it by accessing your inventory and increase the recovery effect of the Dragon’s Cure Pot.

Marking Flag #7

Now that you have obtained the collectible head back to the second Battle Flag and follow the path down the hill, collecting the Rank 1 Steel.

Once you enter the canyon, be advised that you’ll be ambushed by two guard dogs and an archer on top of the next ledge.

Stay in the canyon, kill the dogs first, then shoot down the archer before entering the cave.

Once inside the cave, do not engage the enemies on the lower floor (right side) because you’ll end the current mission.

Instead, first, check the tunnel on the left side and climb the platform to get to a loot spot and obtain a Bamboo Bow and five Arrows.

Now, retrace your steps to the cave and check the second tunnel on the left side to find the last Marking Flag, protected by a regular soldier.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Wiki Guide

Finally, return to the cave again and collect the White Horse Servant Cavalry Helmet from the glowing loot spot on the left side as you exit the second tunnel.

Now, you should get ready to fight Bo Cai.

How To Defeat Bo Cai In The Yellow Heaven Burns

Even though he’s a mini-boss, Bo Cai can take a lot of damage and is remarkably resilient. As you can see, he is also accompanied by two Yellow Turbans, so you’ll have to prioritize your targets and deal with the weakest first.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yellow Heaven Burns Bo Cai Boss Guide

Once you attack one of them, all three will run towards the ladder (left side in the screenshot above) and use it to get to you.

Since the ladder is the only way they can reach you, it’s best to make your stand there and hit the mobs the moment they reach the upper floor.

After Bo Cai is alone, feel free to step back and focus on deflecting his attacks. This mini-boss takes damage from all types of spells, and since he doesn’t inflict too much damage, you need patience when fighting him. Last but not least, remember that you can use your Qilin Divine Beast for additional support.

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