Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Treasure Map: Where To Find the Hidden Chest

by Vlad
August 12, 2023

Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Treasure Map is a missable item that comes as a reward for an errand available in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands area or the first region you’ll explore in the latest video game developed by Deck13 Interactive.

Similar to all other Treasure Maps we discovered as part of our Atlas Fallen Wiki, Mine… and Yours requires you to find a buried Treasure Chest at the location depicted in the associated map.

Furthermore, the Treasure Map features a small riddle you’ll need to figure out.

Since the Atlas Fallen Mine… and Yours Map is pretty easy to miss, in the following guide, I’ll tell you how to obtain it and where to find the hidden chest.

Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Treasure Map Location

The Mine and Yours Atlas Fallen Treasure Map, as mentioned above, is a reward for completing the Unwanted Altar errand in Castrum VII.

The said errand becomes available after you upgrade your champion’s gauntlet to unlock the Enhanced Air Dash, so make sure you check the Reforging The Gauntlet Air Dash Shards locations guide to be able to complete the upgrade.

After you learn to dash twice while in the air, head to Castrum VII and find the Village Guard or the quest giver for the Unwanted Altar errand.

Next, you’ll want to find Gritty and destroy Thelos’ Altar at the location marked below.

Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Treasure Map comes as a reward from Gritty.

Now that you helped Gritty talk to her again, and she’ll reward you for getting rid of the statue. One of the rewards you’ll receive is the Mine and Yours Map, which triggers a new Treasure Hunt.

Where To Find the Mine… and Yours Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen

To find the Mine and Yours Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen, start by accessing the game’s menu and navigate to the Journey Tab.

Now, select the Treasure Maps, followed by the Mine… and Yours map, to see the picture of a cave. Under the image, you can read the following riddle:

“It was once a mine. With a huge pillar holding the ceiling. It hides all the way in the back.”

The riddle may look a bit difficult, but it’s easy to figure out if you explore the whole map. The mine in question is found west of Castrum VII, so fast travel to the Anvil in the Settlement and then head west.

You can see that the location of the Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Chest is in the back of the former mine, west of the Settlement.

The Mine and Yours Treasure Chest is found inside the Outskirts Hazed Cave

The area you are about the explore is named Outskirts Hazed Cave, and you should be aware that inside the cave, you’ll encounter a level 1 Shellbasher. It is the same Shellbasher you must defeat to complete The Old Mine errand.

Once you deal with the wraith, look for a wooden structure in the back of the mine. On the right side, while facing it, close to the cave’s wall, you’ll be able to spot a glowing patch of sand.

Look for the buried chest near the cave's wall.

Get close to it and press Up on your DPad to pull out the Treasure Chest.

By completing the Atlas Fallen Mine and Yours Treasure Hunt, you’ll unlock a new customization item (Helmet of a lost Knight of Bastengar) which can be used to change the appearance of your champion.

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