Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar: How To Destroy Thelos’ Altar

by Vlad
August 12, 2023

Even if it’s only an errand, Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar is a fairly important side quest you must complete in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands area if you wish to get your hands on a new Treasure Map which leads to a hidden Chest.

Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar errand becomes available early in the game and is a tutorial for a new type of activity known as Heavenly Shrines.

This means that besides getting a Treasure Map as a reward for completing the Unwanted Altar quest, you’ll also learn how to deal with Thelos’ Altars, which provide a hefty amount of Essence Dust.

So, if you wonder where to find and how to destroy Thelos’ Altar in the video game published by Focus Entertainment, the following Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar walkthrough explains everything you need to do.

How To Start the Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar Errand

To start the Unwanted Altar in Atlas Fallen, first, you must reach the small village named Castrum VII in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region.

If you need help getting across the large ravine early in the game, refer to our Path to Bastengar Settlement location guide.

After you get to Castrum VII, you won’t be able to trigger the errand just yet, because you’ll also have to complete the first gauntlet upgrade by finding three shards. As such, check our Reforging The Gauntlet Air Dash Shards locations guide and make sure you get them.

The shards in question allow you to Dash twice, and this ability is also required to get to the Altar you have to destroy.

Now, after you unlock the Enhanced Air Dash, head back to Castrum VII, and as you enter the village, look for a guard sitting on the stairs leading to the Anvil. You should see it on the left side as you enter through the front gate.

Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar Errand becomes available in Castrum VII.

Talk to the guard, and he’ll tell you that near the shattered keep is a statue of Thelos. One of the scouts, named Gritty, wants to destroy it, but as you can guess, Gritty needs some help. Let’s find her.

Where To Find Gritty Near Thelos’ Altar

Once you start the Unwanted Altar errand, open your map and notice the green marker below.

Gritty is found southwest of Castrum VII

You should see it southwest of Castrum VII, on the other side of another ravine. But to reach the marked area, you’ll need the Enhanced Air Dash mentioned above. This ability is mandatory to cross the large gap because you’ll need to dash twice.

After reaching the other side of the gap, start exploring the area and look for a rather large statue on some ruins at the edge of the mountain. Next to it, you should be able to spot Gritty.

Thelos’ Altar is a golden statue on top of some ruins.

Talk to Gritty, and she’ll tell you she wants you to destroy the Altar or the giant statue behind her.

How To Destroy the Thelos’ Altar in Atlas Fallen

To destroy Thelos’ Altar or the Heavenly Shrine, you must hit it in specific spots. These weak spots are relatively easy to find if you go around the statue looking for some glowing golden cracks.

As you can see below, the first one is on the upper side. To reach it, you must climb the nearby wooden platform and dash towards it. Perform several hits until the crack disappears.

To Destroy the Atlas Fallen Thelos’ Altar hit the glowing cracks

Once you deal with the first crack, find the second one at the base. Go around the statue to spot it, and hit it. After the Altar collapses, return to Gritty and talk to her.

For finishing the Atlas Fallen Unwanted Altar errand, you’ll receive Essence Dust, Tributes, and the Mine…and Your Treasure Map, allowing you to start another Treasure Hunt.

Last but not least, you now know how to deal with the Heavenly Shrines, which are activities you’ll want to complete for more Essence Dust. If you need help finding them, check our Atlas Fallen Wiki.

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