Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map: Where To Find the Hidden Chest

by Vlad
August 14, 2023

Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map is similar to The Great View Treasure Map, meaning that it features multiple pieces you must combine in order to reveal the location of the treasure chest in the first area of the latest video game published by Focus Entertainment.

Unlike The Great View, however, the Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Map features a piece that is almost impossible to find unless you spend time discussing with all NPCs in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region.

Because of this, Near a Watchtower Map in Atlas Fallen is by far the trickiest one, but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered, and in the following guide, I’ll tell you where to find all three pieces, how to solve the treasure hunt riddle and obviously where to find the associated hidden chest.

Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map Pieces Locations

Again let’s start with a custom Atlas Fallen map which shows the exact locations for the three Near a Watchtower Map parts you have to retrieve to get the image that leads to the chest.

The map shows the locations of all Atlas Fallen Near A Watchtower Treasure Map parts.

At each location above, you must complete specific tasks, so to make this guide as helpful as possible, we’ll cover each fragment independently, following the same order as the one on the map.

Near a Watchtower Treasure Map Piece #1: Reward for Completing a Wildlife Habitat Activity

The first Map piece for the Near a Watchtower Treasure Hunt in Atlas Fallen, can be found by finishing the Wildlife Habitat Activity west of Moose Pond Anvil.

Starting from the Anvil’s location, head west towards the first marker on the map above and look for a large moose or elk. Get close to it, and you should trigger the activity.

Slowly follow the glowing moose, and you’ll see the creature digging out a treasure near a ruined house (pictured below).

The first Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map piece is obtained by completing the Wildlife Habitat activity in Moose Pond area

Make sure you grab all the loot unburied by the moose, including the first piece.

Near a Watchtower Map Part #2: Reward for Completing a Second Wildlife Habitat Activity

For the second Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map piece, you’ll want to head to the southern area.

When you get close to the marker on my map above, you’ll find a small camp. Pay close attention to the environment, and you should be able to spot another moose or elk moving around.

Following the same logic as above, follow the creature while staying at a safe distance and wait for it to start glowing.

Eventually, the moose will reveal another secret treasure near the mountain’s edge, close to the camp. Loot the Treasure Map piece marked in my screenshot below.

The second Near a Watchtower Map Piece is found inside a small camp on the southern side of the map.

Near a Watchtower Treasure Map Fragment #3: Obtained From an NPC

After obtaining the second piece, remain in the same area and explore the hunters’ camp.

The third Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map Piece comes from a hunter who doesn’t get marked on your map. To get it, you’ll want to exhaust all dialogue options, and eventually, he will give it to you.

The said hunter is found only several steps away from the location of the previous map fragment, and he is resting by a dead elk. It is worth knowing that you may want to restart the game if you can’t find him at the location in my screenshot below.

For the third Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map fragment, speak to the hunter.

Great job, champion! Now that you have all Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Map fragments, it’s time to recover the hidden chest.

Where To Find The Near a Watchtower Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen

To find the treasure chest associated with the Near a Watchtower Map, start by checking your inventory and the image available in your Journey tab.

You should be able to see an arched stone and, under the drawing, the following riddle:

“Under an arch of rock. Remains of the past are home to the riches.”

Now, assuming you found the Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower and managed to take it down, open your map and notice the search area pictured below. You should see it next to one of the five Vantage Points.

Atlas Fallen Near a Watchtower Treasure Chest is found on the southern side of the map.

Head to the western side of the search area, and while remaining on the ground, start looking around for an arched rock.

As you can see below, the glowing patch of sand is directly under the said stone.

The chest is under an arched rock.

Get close to it, then press Up on your Dpad to pull out the chest from the sand.

By completing the Near a Watchtower Treasure Hunt, you’ll unlock the Swift Hive ability; however, remember that there are more maps waiting for you in this area, so head to our Atlas Fallen Wiki to find all of them alongside all other collectibles.

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