Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village Side Quest Walkthrough

by Vlad
August 23, 2023

Securing the Mining Village is the longest Atlas Fallen side quest you must complete in the third area of the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, and it requires a bit of legwork.

That’s because the Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village quest involves a trip to the previous area you have crossed while following the main story. Furthermore, for this quest, you need to get your hands on some Dale Vines and recover “Spark” from Kiln.

Since you’ll need to travel a bit, it is recommended to focus on this quest after you find and activate all Wildlands Anvils and all Underground Anvils.

This will save you quite some time because you’ll be able to fast-travel to the locations involved in the side quest.

Assuming you need help completing all objectives for this quest, our Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village walkthrough reveals everything you need to know about it.

How To Start the Securing the Mining Village Quest in Atlas Fallen

To be able to play Securing the Mining Village, you have to progress the story until Khendra relocates her camp and moves in front of Lithesta’s city gates. Furthermore, you must find Tracker, who will eventually move to the Mining Village in the southwestern corner of The Wildlands area.

Or, simply put focus on the main quest up to the point when you are asked to find the three Crush Shards to further upgrade your champion’s gauntlet as part of The Power to Reach Thelos main quest.

Next, you’ll want to visit the Mining Village and talk to Tracker at the location marked on the following map.

You can start the Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village side quest by talking to Tracker in the Mining Village.

Tracker awaits you on the upper floor of the Mining Village. Talk to her, and she’ll ask you to find a way to protect the Mining Village.

If you agree, your next objective is to talk to Khendra, who is found inside her new camp south of Lithesta (also marked below).

Travel to the City Planes Anvil and talk to Khendra

Now, you’ll want to use the Mining Village Anvil and fast-travel to the City Planes Anvil. When you find Khendra of Bastengar, tell her that Tracker needs help.

She suggests finding a Shelter Stone in the Sunken City.

Where To Find the Sunken City Shelter Stone

The Atlas Fallen Shelter Stone is found in the Cult Site area of Bastengar’s Underground. You may remember it from The Forgotten Shrine side quest.

To get there, use the City Planes Anvil in Khendra’s Camp and switch the map by pressing - GameClubz on your PlayStation controller.

Next, select the Anvil closest to the Cult Site area I marked below.

The Atlas Fallen Sunken City Shelter Stone is found in the Bastengar's Underground Cult Site area.

If by any chance you don’t know how to get to the location I have marked for you, consider checking my Forgotten Shrine walkthrough because you’ll have to follow the same path as the one I have outlined.

When you enter the Cult Site, eventually, you’ll meet a Knight by the stairs leading to the altar.

Talk to the Knight in the Cult Site

When approaching the Knight, you should see the Shelter Stone beside him. Unfortunately, the one near the Mining Village must be activated, so you’ll have to find four Dale Vines and the Spark from Kiln.

Atlas Fallen Kiln Spark Location

While the Dale Vines are common materials you most likely have, the Spark requires your presence back to The Wildlands Area.

Therefore, return to the closest Anvil and fast-travel to the third area. Since the Spark is inside Lithesta, you’ll want to travel to the Lithesta Anvil I have marked below.

To find the Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village Spark, head back to Lithesta.

After returning to Lithesta, make your way to the plaza near the gate, and as you exit, on the left side, in the grass, you’ll find several Dale Vines, in case you need more.

Now, you’ll want to enter the Palace area, following the large stairs northwest of the plaza.

Inside the Palace, jump all the way to the ground floor, then follow the southwestern tunnel within the mountain. Eventually, it will lead you to the furnace you may remember from the main quest you already completed.

First, deal with the Wraiths that spawn in this area, then to obtain the Atlas Fallen Spark, interact with the furnace pictured below.

To get the Atlas Fallen Spark interact with the Furnace.

Great job! Now that you have the Spark, it’s time to tell the miners they are safe to work. This means that you’ll need to fast-travel back to the Mining Village.

When you get there, don’t look for Tracker. Instead, look for the Forewoman standing in the same area where you found Tracker. The NPC has one last objective for you. Specifically, you must find some mining tools in the tunnel southwest of the village.

Where To Find the Mining Tools in Atlas Fallen

To find the mining tools, from your current location, head west and enter the Mining Village Cave.

The moment you enter the actual mine, turn left, and behind a wooden fence, you’ll spot a red chest you can open only using the Crush ability unlocked by progressing the story.

The Mining Tools are in a red chest in the Mining Village Cave.

Crush the chest to get the Atlas Fallen Mining Tools, then report back to Tracker, who was relocated close to the entrance to the Mining Village. You should be able to find her near the Knight you met earlier and the Shelter Stone.

And that’s it! You just completed the Atlas Fallen Securing the Mining Village quest and unlocked the Sand Barrier ability.

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