Diablo IV A Price to Pay: Where To Find the Book of Folk Remedies

July 12, 2023

Diablo 4 A Price to Pay is the second quest in The Heretic questline, which can be completed in the fifth region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

In Price to Pay, which counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, you must continue to help Aneta, the girl with the mysterious powers.

However, locating the NPC can be tricky because you need to find clues to her whereabouts.

Therefore, it would be best to check our following walkthrough to learn how to complete D4 A Price to Pay side-quest as fast as possible.

How To Start A Price To Pay Quest in Diablo 4

To start the Price to Pay side-quest, you must first get to Act 5 and the Hawezar region.

Then complete the previous quest in the questline, The Heretic, and talk to Vera, Aneta’s mother.

You can find Vera in the town of Zarbinzet on the south side of the Umir Plateau area.

Diablo 4 A Price To Pay becomes available after you complete The Heretic side-quest

Once in Zarbinzet, follow the blue marker on the minimap, and you’ll find Vera in her house on the north side of the town.

The problem is that Vera doesn’t want to help you as she doesn’t seem to care too much about her daughter.

However, you can hear a hushed voice that calls you outside.

As such, get out of the house and go to your right to find an NPC named Suzana, who will tell you to follow her.

When Suzana stops, you can speak with her to learn she cares about Aneta because she is a kind soul.

It seems Aneta is looking for a cure for her curse, and you might figure out where the girl went if you find the old book of folk remedies somewhere in town.

Where To Find the Book of Folk Remedies in Diablo 4

After your discussion with Suzana, you can open your map to see a search area on the north side of the town.

Somewhere in the search area, you can find the book of folk remedies, and if you have no luck while looking for it by yourself, don’t hesitate to check the D4 map below.

Book of folk remedies location map

You’ll find the Wejinhani Dispensatory book on a table next to a fireplace inside the house at the location marked on the map above.

The Wejinhani Dispensatory book is on a table next to a fireplace

So, interact with the book to get the following message:

An ancient book describing the medicinal uses of common flora and fauna found in Hawezar. One chapter describes a cure for “tainted blood” that requires the venom of a spider found only in the Blind Burrows.

Blind Burrows is a dungeon in the Diseased Embankment on the west side of the Fethis Wetlands area.

The Blind Burrows dungeon is found in the Diseased Embankment on the west side of the Fethis Wetlands area

Once you reach the spot, you’ll see Aneta in front of the dungeon’s entrance.

The girl will ask you to get the spider venom from inside the cave because her condition worsened, and she needs a cure.

Where To Find Spider Venom in Diablo 4

To continue, you need to find Toxic Lurker enemies and slay them for a chance to get Spider Venom.

You need a total of eight units, and the Spider Venom is not a guaranteed drop.

Thus, you need to kill a bunch of Toxic Lurkers to complete the objective, but don’t worry; there are enough of them in the dungeon.

Note that the enemies you are looking for are marked with red dots on your minimap, assuming you get close enough to them.

Kill Toxic Lurkers to collect Spider Venom in the Blind Burrows dungeon

When you finish collecting the Spider Venom, you can return to Aneta, but we suggest you finish the dungeon first to obtain some loot and the Aspect of the Tempest.

After you’re done with the dungeon, get outside and pour the venom into the Boiling Pot next to Aneta.

However, not only is the cure not helping Aneta, but it actually hurts her.

Luckily an NPC named Gulyas comes to the rescue.

Now talk to Gulyas to find out that Aneta is not cursed, but she has great power as she was chosen by the swamp.

Gulyas explains how Aneta is destined to become a witch of Hawezar.

Also, Gulyas promises she will teach Aneta to control her power even though it will be very difficult.

That’s it, friend! You’ve completed Diablo 4 Price to Pay and obtained: Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. However, if you want to find out how the questline ends, it’s time to start the Poisoned Hearts quest.

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