Diablo IV Poisoned Hearts: Where To Find the Rotten Livers

July 12, 2023

Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts is the last side-quest of The Heretic questline, in which you’ll finally find out what happens with Aneta, who you’ve been helping out.

Poisoned Hearts also counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, all required to achieve 100% completion in the swampy region.

Just like the previous two quests in the questline, Poisoned Hearts can be difficult, and you might need help to complete it.

As such, throughout the walkthrough below, we’ll provide all the instructions you need to finish D4 Poisoned Hearts side-quest.

How To Start Poisoned Hearts Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, Poisoned Hearts is part of a questline; hence, you must complete the previous two quests: The Heretic and A Price to Pay.

Keep in mind that the questline becomes available in the Hawezar region when you get to Act 5.

When you are good to go, you need to head to the Diseased Embankment on the west side of the Fethis Wetlands area, where A Price to Pay side-quest ends.

Check the following map for the exact location.

Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts becomes available after completing the A Price to Pay side-quest

Once you reach the spot, you must talk to Vera, Aneta’s mother, who is not very happy you’ve been helping her daughter and threatens you, then runs away.

Now you can pick up Aneta’s Keepsake next to the boiling pot, and to continue, you must return the quest item to the girl.

To find Aneta, you need to open your map and notice the search area in the southwestern corner of the Forsaken Coast.

If you have no luck finding Aneta within the search area, don’t hesitate to check the next D4 map.

Aneta's location map

After getting to the location marked on our previous map, you can see Aneta inside a red bubble that seems to be drawing energy from three Strange Braziers.

Next, you must extinguish the Strange Braziers by interacting with them.

Just like that, Aneta is free, and you can speak with her.

Upon giving Aneta the necklace you found and asking her if she is alright, Gulyas comes out of the nearby hut with a final suggestion to help the girl.

First, you need to gather four bloated livers from the rotting creatures out in the wild.

Where To Find the Rotten Livers in Diablo 4

The rotting creatures can be found in the search area to the east, as shown below.

The location map of the search area where you can find the rotten livers

The trick is to carefully explore every inch of the search area because when you get close to a rotting creature, Aneta will head to it to gather its liver.

Be careful while exploring the area because there are plenty of enemies around.

Once you’re done, you must get to the Hidden Glade northeast of the Faceless Shrine dungeon and southwest of the Backwater village.

The Hidden Glade is found northeast of the Faceless Shrine dungeon and southwest of the Backwater village

To continue, head inside the Hidden Glade, talk to Gulyas, and perform the ritual to get interrupted by Vera and a couple of villagers.

Sadly the villagers don’t understand the purpose of what you are doing and will attack you.

So protect Aneta from the villagers by killing them, of course.

Then Vera will run away screaming, and Aneta right behind her.

Now you need to follow Aneta, who runs to The Rustwash in the southwestern part of the Forsaken Coast.

Aneta is found in The Rustwash in the southwestern part of the Forsaken Coast

As you can see on the map above, you can also interact with one of the 34 Hawezar Altars of Lilith in the same area.

After finally catching up to Aneta and Vera, you’ll see the mother dying in her daughter’s hands.

Now interact with Aneta for a sad discussion about her mother.

But there will also be good news as the voices she was hearing are finally quiet.

Next, you must return to Gulyas Hovel, which has a blue marker on your minimap.

However, by the time you reach the place, Aneta will already be gone, not without leaving you a letter on the table.

Aneta's letter is on the table inside Gulya's Hovel

Now you can read the thankful letter to complete Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts quest and The Heretic questline, receiving: XP, Gold, Renown points, and Aneta’s Keepsake. To continue, you can focus on the side-quest you’ve just unlocked, Necrotic Research.

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