Diablo IV Dead to Rights: Where To Find Backwater’s Storage Cellar

July 20, 2023

Diablo 4 Dead to Rights is the final quest for the Discretionary Spending questline, and this time you must confront Orton, Lyndon’s right-hand man, for his betrayal.

Dead Rights is also part of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, which are all a must, provided you are aiming for 100% completion in the fifth region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

The Dead to Rights side-quest is not that hard, that is, if you can find your way to Backwater’s Storage Cellar.

Therefore, we’ll provide all the details you need to quickly complete D4 Dead to Rights side-quest throughout the walkthrough below.

How To Start Dead to Rights Quest in Diablo 4

Note that to start Dead to Rights, you must meet a few requirements:

  • get to Act 5 and the Hawezar region
  • complete Bait the Trap, the previous quest in the questline

Thus, the Dead Rights side-quest can be completed pretty late in D4.

Now, after finishing the Bait the Trap quest, where you find out that Orton is the rat Lyndon was looking for, you must meet the Backwater boss in the town’s Storage Cellar.

Just in case you forgot, we’ll remind you that Backwater is a town located in the Forsaken Coast area on the southeast side of the Hawezar region.

To aid you even further, we’ve pinpointed the exact location of Backwater’s Storage Cellar on the next map.

Diablo 4 Dead to Rights becomes available after completing Bait the Trap side-quest

However, to enter the cellar, you must go down a ladder, which can be easily missed.

Where To Find Backwater’s Storage Cellar in Diablo 4

Whenever you are ready, head to the spot marked on the map above, and look for the ladder to get down.

Like all ladders you can use in Diablo 4, this one also has some footsteps highlighted in white next to it, as shown in the image below.

Climb down the ladder to get to Backwater's Storage Cellar entrance

To climb down, all you have to do is position yourself on the footsteps and press the - GameClubz/- GameClubz button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Once you get down, you can enter the Storage Cellar through the entrance next to the ladder and then find Lyndon by some crates.

The NPC will ask you to hide behind the crates to avoid an unnecessary conflict with Orton.

As you are about to see in the next screenshot, the exact spot where you must hide is highlighted in white.

Interact with the hidding spot behind the crates

To continue, hide and observe the conversation between Lyndon and Orton.

Unfortunately, they can’t work out their differences, and you must help Lyndon slay Orton.

Be aware that Orton is an Elite enemy and can be tricky to take out, but we’re sure he will be no match for you and the Backwater boss.

After killing Orton, you must speak with Lyndon in his hut, who you can easily find by following the blue marker on your minimap.

Lyndon is a little sad about the death of his right-hand man and says he would have done the same if he was him.

But the show must go on as Backwater needs his boss, who will do everything to keep the town alive.

Congratulations, friend! You’ve managed to complete Diablo 4 Dead to Rights quest and the Discretionary Spending questline. Of course, you’ll also get rewarded, this time with XP, Gold, Renown points, a Cache, and a Rare Dagger. To continue, you can start another Hawezar side-quest, like To Walk a Dark Path, available in the town of Zarbinzet.

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