Diablo IV To Walk a Dark Path: Where To Find the Decaying Farmstead

July 21, 2023

To Walk a Dark Path is a Diablo 4 quest, part of the questline with the same name, available in the Hawezar region.

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path side-quest will require you to help Father Dymus, the only priest in the town of Zarbinzet, find his curate, Symon.

To Walk Dark Path, which counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, can get tricky if you don’t have a keen eye and like to explore.

But no worries because throughout the walkthrough below, we’ll provide all the instructions needed to complete D4 To Walk a Dark Path side-quest as fast as possible.

How To Start To Walk a Dark Path Quest in Diablo 4

In order to play the Walk Dark Path side-quest, you must progress with the main story until you finish Act 5.

Then make your way to Zarbinzet, preferably by fast traveling to the town’s Waypoint, and look for Father Dymus.

The quest giver is found on the north side of the town, up the stairs north of the Waypoint.

Check the following D4 map for his exact location.

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path side-quest becomes available when you finish Act 5

After talking to the NPC, you learn that his curate, Symon, left in the company of a strange man, and he hasn’t heard from him since.

As such, it’s up to you to see what happened with Symon.

To aid you, Father Dymus will give you a page out of Symon’s journal, named A Record of My Journey Pt. 1.

Now if you open your map, you can see the quest’s search area on the east side of the Umir Plateau area.

In the said search area, you must find the Decaying Farmstead for the current quest objective.

Where To Find the Decaying Farmstead in Diablo 4

If by any chance you can’t find the Farmstead on your own, make sure to check our map below.

The Decaying Farmstead is found on the east side of the Umir Plateau area

When you reach the spot, you’ll notice a smaller search area with red dots on your minimap.

Each red dot represents an enemy, and the trick is to slay these enemies to search for evidence of Symon.

Upon killing a bunch of red-doted enemies, one will drop a Lockbox Key.

The Key can be used to open the Forgotten Lockbox from between the two tents to the north, and to easily get there, follow the blue marker on your minimap.

The Forgotten Lockbox is found between two tents

Once you open the Lockbox, you obtain another journal page, A Record of My Journey Pt. 2.

The page gives you a clue, and you must now travel to Tibault’s Grasp in the middle of the Fethis Wetlands area, as shown on the next map.

Tibault's Grasp is located in the middle of the Fethis Wetlands area

At the spot pinpointed above, you’ll find three Frightened Pilgrims praying, who will attack you when you try talking to them.

After beating the NPCs a little, they run away, and you must follow the blue marker on the minimap to reach them again.

To continue, you must ask the Pilgrims why they attacked you, and they will tell you that they were tortured by nonother than Elias, who was accompanied by Symon.

You also learn that Elias and Symon were heading east to an underground camp marked by tusks in the marshes.

However, Diablo 4 To Walk Dark Path ends, and you receive XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Cache. But if you want to keep looking for Symon, go ahead and play the At Any Cost side-quest.

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