Diablo IV A Deepening Shadow: Where To Find Barret in Dark Thicket

by Vlad
June 17, 2023

Diablo 4 A Deepening Shadow is one of the sides quests you can start once you meet Shob’ha, an old female NPC located on the western coast of Scosglen.

While quite accessible, the Diablo 4 Deepening Shadow side-quest is essential if you wish to complete all Scosglen quests because it unlocks another side-quest in Tur Dulra.

A Deepening Shadow is a search-based side quest that involves finding Barret (or Berret according to Shob’ha), who went missing in the Dark Thicket.

So if you wonder where to find Barret in Diablo IV, follow our Deepening Shadow walkthrough, and we’ll guide you to her location.

How To Start A Deepening Shadow Quest in Diablo 4

To start A Deepening Shadow quest in the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, first, you must enter Scosglen, the second region in Sanctuary.

Scosglen is visited while playing Act 2, and after you reach it, you’ll want to head west looking for the Tur Dulra Stronghold. The Stronghold must be cleared for A Deepening Shadow quest, so after you deal with the evil inside its walls, turn it into friendly territory. At this point, the Druids will return, and you’ll unlock multiple side quests.

One of them is A Deepening Shadow, but as you can notice on our map below, the quest-giver is outside Tur Dulra. You’ll find her northeast, at the location on our map.

To start Diablo IV A Deepening Shadow quest, talk to Shob'ha northeast of Tur Durla

After arriving, talk to Shob’ha in front of her hut between some tree roots. She’ll tell you that she sensed an ominous power within the Dark Thicket area and sent her familiar Berret to investigate it.

However, Barret went missing, and Shob’ha wants you to look for her. Here is how to find Barret.

Diablo 4 A Deepening Shadow Barret Location

After talking to Shob’ha, while tracking the current quest, open your map, and you’ll notice a blue area marked just southeast of Tur Dulra.

Head to the search area, and make sure you reach the center of the blue circle on your minimap. This happens to be on top of a small hill.

On the hill, first, you’ll want to kill the three deer roaming around, then you’ll be asked to examine the area.

To examine the area in Diablo 4 A Deepening Shadow, interact with the Chewed Corpse, Magic Pool and Broken Fence.

To complete this objective, you’ll have to interact with the following:

  • Chewed Corpse – found where you killed the deer
  • Magic Pool – by a large tree
  • Broken Fence – at the edge of the plateau

Where To Find Evidence of What Happened to Barret

Great job, but your investigation continues, and for the next D4 A Deepening Shadow objective, you must travel further southwest toward the next search area on your minimap.

As you descend the hill, get ready to meet Barret, who is an elite Grizzly Bear.

To find Barret, head southwest from the previous search area.

Unfortunately, Barret is now corrupted, and the only way to progress the quest is to put her to rest.

Once you defeat the bear, get Barret’s Corrupted Heart quest item she drops to the ground.

Now, you must return to Shob’ha The Crone and show her the heart. She’ll tell you that the magic that corrupted Barret’s Heart is ancient, older than the Druids, but they might know something about it.

Therefore, you’ll want to visit Yuein in Tur Dulra Stronghold you cleared earlier. Yuein is sitting in the center of the settlement. When you show him the heart, he’ll ask you to put it away because it’s wild magic.

According to Yuein, elder Druids developed a ritual to contain such cursed magic, but he lost the scroll containing the details. The next step in the quest line is to find the scroll, which, as you can probably guess, is inside a dungeon.

After talking to Yuein, Diablo IV A Deepening Shadow side-quest ends, but now you’ll start the next one in line, named The Old Ways.

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