Diablo IV Hubris Smiles Back: Where To Find the Baneful Oblations

June 17, 2023

Diablo 4 Hubris Smiles Back is a tricky side-quest you can complete after reaching Act 3, and for most of it, you’ll be inside of a dungeon.

Hubris Smiles Back is part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, which are mandatory for all the completionists out there.

The quest is actually the second in a questline where you must help Ogai, a male NPC, show an ancient entity he is worthy.

As such, you should check the following walkthrough and complete D4 Hubris Smiles Back side-quest without wasting any time.

How To Start Hubris Smiles Back Quest in Diablo 4

First, you need to reach the Dry Steppes region in Act 3 and complete the Augury of Bones side-quest.

Then, you must head to the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon on the east side of the Chambatar Ridge area.

Diablo 4 Hubris Smiles Back becomes available after completing Augury of Bones side-quest

You’ll find Ogai, the quest giver, in front of a huge statue next to the dungeon’s entrance.

Ogai will tell you that to show the entity he is worthy; he needs offerings of devotion that you should help him with.

As such, you’ll need to venture into the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon and retrieve Baneful Oblations from fallen enemies.

Where To Find the Baneful Oblations in Diablo 4

Once in the dungeon, you need to progress and kill all the mobs you encounter.

With every fallen you kill, there is a chance to get one Baneful Oblation, and you need five of them.

Baneful Oblations can be obtained by slaying fallen in the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon

The problem is that when killing a fallen, it’s not guaranteed you’ll obtain a Baneful Oblation.

In fact, you’ll have to kill a lot of fallens to get the five Baneful Oblations.

It’s worth mentioning that fallen are marked with red dots on your minimap.

Also, if you’re worrying that you’ll kill all the fallen and will not have the five Baneful Oblations at the end, relax; there are plenty of mobs, and you’ll not have to come to the dungeon a second time.

You’ll probably get the necessary quest items halfway into the dungeon and can then exit.

However, it would be best to also complete the dungeon to get some sweet loot.

Once you’re ready, head back to Ogai, talk to him, then place the five offerings on the five stones surrounding the NPC, as shown in the next screenshot.

Place the offerings on the five stones surrounding Ogai

Now speak with Ogai again to shortly see him die in front of your eyes.

If you interact with the corpse, you’ll see the following message:

Ogai’s jaw is ripped open, a horrid smile spread across his face. The jawbone is missing.

Poor Ogai, but at least you’ve completed Diablo 4 Hubris Smiles Back side-quest and got some rewards: XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Salvage Cache. If you don’t want to stop here, you can head to Jirandai and start the Blistered Heart side-quest.

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