Diablo IV Blistered Heart: Where To Find the Spider Queen

June 18, 2023

Blistered Heart is a Diablo 4 kill quest in which you must help a mourning mother get revenge on the spiders that killed her son.

Diablo 4 Blistered Heart can be started in the town of Jirandai, just like the Augury of Bones quest, and both of them are part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests.

However, the quest involves finding and killing an Elite spider enemy, which can get tricky.

Therefore, if you’re encountering any problems while completing D4 Blistered Heart side-quest, make sure to check the walkthrough below.

How To Start Blistered Heart Quest in Diablo 4

To start the quest, you first need to progress with the main story until you get to Act 3 and start exploring the Dry Steppes region.

Then you must head to Jirandai town, located in the southernmost point of the region. The town has a Waypoint you can use to fast travel, assuming you have it unlocked.

Diablo 4 Blistered Heart quest becomes available from the start of Act 3

After you reach the town, go to its northern part and talk to the woman NPC next to the Bound Corpse; you have the exact location marked on the map above.

As you can see, the NPC is named Sorga, and she is very upset over the death of her son.

It seems the son got attacked by spiders and didn’t survive.

Now Sorga seeks revenge, and she asks you to bring her the heart of the spiders’ queen.

Where To Find the Spider Queen Heart in Diablo 4

Now you need to find the broodmother, which can be difficult because you have to draw it out by slaying spiders.

However, you must first go to the quest’s search area and then start killing the spiders.

The search area is in the northeastern corner of Untamed Scarps, as shown on the following D4 map.

The quest's search area is in the northeastern corner of Untamed Scarps

Once you reach the spot, start killing everything that moves, especially spiders.

Note that spiders get marked with red dots on your minimap when you get close enough to them.

All the mobs here are squishy, and you’ll defeat them easily.

The problem is that after slaying enough spiders, the broodmother will spawn in the middle of the search area, and it is an Elite.

Thus, you need to proceed with caution and carefully defeat the spider queen.

Upon defeating the broodmother, you can pick up the Spider Queen Heart and fast travel back to Jirandai.

The Spider Queen is located in the middle of the quest's search area after killing enough spiders

Now you need to find Sorga again, and she can be found in the building next to her initial location.

Finally, talk to the NPC, and give her the Spider Queen Heart as proof that you’ve revenged her son.

Congratulations are in order, our friend, because you’ve completed Diablo 4 Blistered Heart side-quest and received a Cache, Renown points, Gold, and XP. Now you can start another quest available in the town of Jirandai, like Salt Begets Salt.

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