Diablo IV Unusual Ore Quest Location Guide

June 18, 2023

Unusual Ore is a hidden quest in the Kehjistan region in Diablo 4 that require you to find a randomly dropped quest item and bring it to an Iron Wolf blacksmith.

The D4 Unusual Ore quest is quite similar to the Strange Ore Sample side quest in the Dry Steppes region. In both side quests, you need to interact with Ore Veins in a specific area to obtain the quest item.

So, our comprehensive Diablo IV will provide you with all the necessary information on obtaining the Unusual Ore quest item to complete the side quest.

How To Start the Unusual Ore Quest in Diablo 4

To initiate the Unusual Ore side quest, you need to find and gather the Unusual Ore quest item.

You can obtain Unusual Ore by searching the Ore Veins or Glittering Ore Veins within the Ragged Coastline subregion of Kehjistan. The quest item is rare, so you’ll have to spend a bit of time mining.

How To Start the Unusual Ore Quest in Diablo 4

On the map provided below, you can see the spot where it dropped during our playthrough.

Even though there is a slight chance to drop for you in the same place, it’s a good starting location to search for it.

You can also find the Waterstained Letter for the Timely Correspondence side quest if you interact with the corpses and chests in the same area.

Where To Find the Unusual Ore Quest in Diablo 4

Where To Find an Iron Wolf Blacksmith in Diablo IV

Once you’ve obtained the quest item, make your way to the Iron Wolves Encampment in the northeast of the Ragged Coastline subregion.

If you have unlocked the waypoint in Iron Wolves Encampment, you can use the fast-travel system to get there quickly.

Then, go to the marked location to speak with Benamin, the Iron Wolf blacksmith. When you show him the Ore you found, he will compliment your ability to recognize valuable Ore.

He also mentions the possibility of using the metal to repair heavily damaged armor for the Wolves.

Where To Find an Iron Wolf Blacksmith in Diablo IV

As a gesture of gratitude, Benamin offers to give you XP, Gold, a Salvage Cache, and 20 Renown Points for the Kehjistan region.

If you are looking to complete all the side quests within the region, take a look at our Kehjistan side quests locations guide.

Moreover, we have a special place with plenty of helpful guides known as the Diablo 4 Wiki Hub Page.

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