Diablo IV The Old Ways: How To Activate the Sacred Stones

by Vlad
June 17, 2023

Diablo 4 The Old Ways is the second side-quest in Shob’ha’s questline which focuses on the ancient magic that corrupted the heart of her familiar, Barret.

The Old Ways is notably shorter than the previous quest named A Deepening Shadow, but mandatory if you want to complete all Diablo 4 Scosglen quests and learn more about the wild magic spreading around Tur Dulra Stronghold.

At the end of the previous quest, you have learned the Barret, or Shob’ha’s familiar, became corrupted by ancient wild magic. To get rid of it, Yuein, the NPC in Tur Dulra, suggests you find a scroll belonging to the elder Druids, containing details of a ritual they used in the past.

The scroll is found inside a dungeon, and throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll discuss its location.

How To Start The Old Ways Quest in Diablo 4

In the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, The Old Ways starts automatically when you complete A Deepening Shadow side-quest.

This means that after Yuein tells you about the scroll that can help you deal with the corrupted magic, you’ll immediately start the Diablo 4 Old Ways side-quest

According to Yuein, the scroll is found inside the Lair of the Despoiler Dungeon, marked on our map below.

Diablo 4 The Old Ways side quest starts after completing A Deepening Shadow in Tur Dulra

As you can notice, the dungeon is found within the Tur Dulra borders, so head inside via the entrance located on the lower level.

When you enter the Diablo 4 Lair of the Despoiler dungeon, you must be aware that the layout or the level design is randomly generated; however, the objectives are similar.

As such, start by exploring all hallways to uncover the map. Eventually, you’ll find three elite Wildood trees.

They are bigger than the usual mobs, and you’ll have to deal with all three to progress the quest. Pay attention to your minimap because you’ll see some white skulls when you are close to the Wildwoods.

How To Activate the Sacred Stones in Diablo 4

Once you find the three Wildwood Elites, you must activate three Sacred Stones, which are in the same room that is clearly marked on your map.

You can see them below, and you’ll need to activate all three of them to progress the current side quest.

Interact with the three Sacred Stones inside the Lair of the Despoiler Dungeon.

By interacting with the three Diablo 4 Sacred Stones, you’ll trigger a message from Scholar Yuein, who tells you that, unfortunately, the scroll you are looking for is gone, but the stones provide the information he needs.

He also wants you to meet him outside in the center of the Tur Dulra settlement, so exit the dungeon using the icon on your map, and get to Yuein.

Retrieve the scroll containing Yuein’s transcription, open your map, and return to Shob’ha’s location northeast of Tur Dulra.

When she sees the scroll, she’ll tell you she has another familiar to help you during the next quest, which will help you understand what happened to Barret.

His name is Mochrann, and you’ll meet him during the next quest in line, named A Sliver of Light, which starts the moment you receive your rewards for finishing Diablo 4 The Old Ways quest.

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