Diablo IV A Sliver of Light: Where To Find the Fonts of Corruption

June 17, 2023

Diablo 4 A Sliver of Light continues Shob’ha’s questline, and it is the third quest you must complete to save the thicket from the corrupted magic that killed Barret.

A Sliver of Light also introduces Shob’ha’s second familiar, named Mochrann, who will help you progress the quest line and continue your investigation of the corrupted ancient magic that poisoned Berret’s heart.

During D4 A Sliver of Light, you’ll get to find more clues by investigating some fonts of corruption. Our walkthrough below reveals where to find the fonts of corruption and how to complete the quest named A Sliver of Light in the latest video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

How To Start A Sliver of Light Quest in Diablo 4

Diablo IV A Sliver of Light requires you to progress the associated questline by completing the previous two side quests: A Deepening Shadow and The Old Ways.

At the end of the second side-quest, you’ll automatically start A Sliver of Light when the old Shob’ha asks you to find Mochrann.

As you can see on the following map, Mochrann is found several steps west of Shob’ha’s location near Tur Dulra Stronghold.

To start Diablo 4 A Sliver of Light find Mochrann after you finish The Old Ways.

When you get to the location marked on our map, you’ll discover that Mochrann is a Wildwood or a giant tree if you want.

After interacting with Mochrann, you’ll receive a new objective that asks you to bring him to the first font of corruption.

Where To Find the Diablo 4 Fonts of Corruption

Diablo 4 Fonts of Corruption are magic pools you must find within specific search areas during A Sliver of Light side quest.

To find the first one, open your map while tracking the current quest, and you’ll see the first search area south of Tur Dulra Stronghold in the Scosglen region.

It is on the same hill you investigated while looking for Barret during A Deepening Shadow.

Make sure that once you get to the top of the hill in the center of the search area, you get close to the red magic pool pictured below.

The first Diablo 4 Font of Corruption is found south of Tur Dulra.

Eventually, you’ll see Mochrann absorbing the foul magic and be asked to find the second font of corruption, located west of your current location.

Make your way to the second search area and stay close to Mochrann because you’ll be ambushed by several mobs. Kill them while near Mochrann and notice how he absorbs the corrupted magic.

Finally, you’ll have to travel further southwest to find the final D4 Font of Corruption, partially hidden close to the mountain wall. You should be able to spot it near the center of the search area.

Stay within the marked area on the ground and deal with the mobs that ambush you.

When you get close to the pool, while Mochrann absorbs the magic, you must deal with the mobs that ambush you so you can fill the red bar on the right side of the screen. Notice the circle on the ground and stay within its borders.

Wait for the mobs to get inside the circle and kill them to fill the bar. Unfortunately, the ritual leads to Mochrann’s death, but you have repelled the corrupted magic infesting the forest.

Now it’s time to head back to Shob’ha’s location northeast of Tur Dulra. Talk to her, and she’ll know that her second familiar is dead.

For saving the thicket and completing Diablo 4 A Sliver of Light, you’ll receive Gold, XP, Renown Points, and The Crone’s Blessing rare ring.

A Deepening Shadow questline also ends now, so how about checking our Diablo 4 Wiki for more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks to defeat Lilith?

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