Diablo IV Desperate Remedies: Where To Find Brecht’s Corpse

July 15, 2023

Desperate Remedies is a Diablo 4 side-quest that becomes available from the start of Act 5 of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

In Diablo 4 Desperate Remedies, which counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, you must help the Elders find a cure for the strange outbreak in the town of Wejinhani.

However, the quest can cause you trouble, especially because a good portion of it takes place in a dungeon.

As such, make sure to check our D4 Desperate Remedies walkthrough to learn how to complete the side-quest quickly.

How To Start Desperate Remedies Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, Desperate Remedies is an Act 5 side quest, and it can be started in the Hawezar region.

More precisely, you must travel to the Wejinhani town in the Dismal Foothills area and talk to Elder Lau.

The exact location of the quest giver is pinpointed on the next D4 map.

Diablo 4 Desperate Remedies side-quest becomes available from the start of Act 5

The NPC will tell you about this illness that is killing people and how he knows nothing about it.

Thus, you must consult the other Elders for their thoughts.

There are three Elders you must speak with, and they are located nearby, also in Wejinhani.

To easily find the Elders, you should follow the blue markers on your minimap.

After finishing talking to the three Elders, you learn that everyone sick dies, a woman named Aldara claimed to have a cure, and a man named Brecht was the first to die.

Now take all the information to Elder Lau, who will tell you to go to the pyres in the Last Hearth and find Brecht’s body.

Where To Find Brecht’s Corpse in Diablo 4

When you’re done talking to Elder Lau, you can open your map to see two search areas northeast of Wejinhani.

As you’ve probably guessed, Brecht’s corpse is to be found in one of the two search areas.

If you are having problems finding the corpse on your own, don’t hesitate to check the map below, where we’ve marked its exact location.

Brecht's Corpse location map

The corpse is next to the easternmost pyre, and after you interact with it, you can read Brecht’s Journal.

Brecht's Corpse is found next to the easternmost pyre, northeast of Wejinhani

From the journal, you understand that Brecht was Aldara’s brother, who is running some sort of scheme and getting people sick with the help of an amulet.

Therefore, you must now obtain Aldara’s Amulet. The journal also says that the “miracle worker” is hiding amongst the heretics in Light’s Refuge.

Where To Find Aldara’s Amulet in Diablo 4

To continue, you must go to Light’s Refuge, a dungeon on the northwestern side of the Dismal Foothills area, and retrieve Aldara’s Amulet.

Light's Refuge dungeon is located on the northwestern side of the Dismal Foothills area

Once you’ve entered Light’s Refuge, you must explore every inch of the dungeon until you find Aldara and her minions.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with Aldara’s exact location because the dungeon’s layout is random, but when you get close enough to her, a search area will appear on your minimap, as shown in the next image.

Aldara is found in Light's Refuge

Be aware that Aldara is an Elite enemy you’ll need to slay along with her minions, provided you want to get the Amulet.

The fight can be rough, depending on your World Tier, but we’re sure you’ll be victorious.

Now that you’ve gotten the Amulet, you can either complete the dungeon or exit it immediately.

Then you must head to Elderwood Grove, south of Light’s Refuge and west of Wejinhani, to speak with Elder Lau, who will tell you to place the Amulet on the stone next to him so he can do the cleansing ritual.

Elder Lau is found south of Light's Refuge

To finally complete Diablo 4 Desperate Remedies, you must talk to Elder Lau yet again after he finishes the ritual. Of course, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. Also, if you want to continue with another Hawezar side-quest, you can start Closing the Book.

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