Diablo IV Dust Daisy Quest Location Guide

June 15, 2023

Dust Daisy is one of the hidden Dry Steppes side quests in Diablo 4, where you must find the quest item with the same name and deliver it to Jaral in the capital city of Ked Barbu.

The Dust Daisy quest item is randomly obtained when interacting with plants only in a specific part of the Dry Steppes region. This is similar to the Frostbloom side quest in the Fractured Peaks region.

As such, we have prepared a comprehensive Diablo IV guide with all the necessary information for unlocking and completing the Dust Daisy quest.

How To Start the Dust Daisy Quest in Diablo 4

Luckily, there are no special requirements to start the quest. To trigger the D4 Dust Daisy side quest, you need to locate and obtain the quest item named Dust Daisy.

You can find the quest item by searching the herbs in the Kotama Grasslands subregion of Dry Steppes.

How To Start the Dust Daisy Quest in Diablo 4

Keep harvesting the herbs in the Kotama Grasslands subregion until you find the Dust Daisy because it’s not guaranteed you’ll get it from the first herb.

Please refer to the map provided below to see the location where it dropped for us.

Where To Find the Dust Daisy Quest in Diablo 4

Where To Find Jaral in Diablo IV

After picking up the quest item, make your way to the capital city of Ked Barbu to meet with Jaral.

Approach Jaral, the Alchemist of the community, and give him the unusual flower you found.

Where To Find Jaral in Diablo IV

He expresses delight upon your discovery and mentions that a trader had shown interest in these recently.

In return, he offers you Gold, XP, a Herb Cache, and 20 Renown Points for the Dry Steppes region.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to trigger and complete the Dust Daisy quest in Diablo 4.

But if you are trying to achieve a 100% completion rate of the region, we’ve covered every Dry Steppes side quest location. Also, make sure to check our Wiki Hub Page for more helpful information about the game.

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