Diablo IV Hunting the Relic Hunter: Where To Find the Mysterious Pot

June 15, 2023

Hunting the Relic Hunter is a Diablo 4 side-quest you can complete in the Dry Steppes region after reaching Act 3.

You have 38 side-quests available in Dry Steppes, and you must make sure you don’t miss a single one if you want to achieve 100% completion in the region.

Diablo 4 Hunting Relic Hunter is part of a questline, and this time you have to help Rakhaan, a Curio Collector, find his hunter, then assist him in obtaining a relic.

Also, if you get stuck at any point in D4 Hunting the Relic Hunter, don’t hesitate to check our walkthrough below.

How To Start Hunting the Relic Hunter Quest in Diablo 4

In order to complete the quest, you first need to take care of some requirements.

As such, progress with the main story until you reach Act 3, then complete the Curious Curios side-quest covered in depth in our walkthrough here.

Next, you have to travel to Fate’s Retreat on the west side of the Chambatar Ridge area in the Dry Steppes region.

You have a Waypoint in Fate’s Retreat, and you should use it to fast travel if you have it unlocked.

Finally, you must find Rakhaan, the quest giver, and talk to him to start the side-quest.

The male NPC is located really close to the Waypoint, making him hard to miss, as shown on the following D4 map.

Diablo 4 Hunting the Relic Hunter quest becomes available after completing the Curious Curios side-quest

Rakhaan is looking for another relic, and the hunter he sent to find it hasn’t returned yet.

It’s clear he needs help, and this is where you come in, so let’s see how to find the relic hunter.

Where To Find the Missing Relic Hunter in Diablo 4

Upon talking to Rakhaan, you need to head to the Foothill of Saraan on the south side of the Accursed Waster area.

Accursed Waster is found in the southeastern corner of Dry Steppes, and we’ve marked the exact location of your objective on the next map.

The Missing Relic Hunter is located on the south side of the Accursed Waster area

The fastest way to reach the spot is to use the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Waypoint, then cover the rest of the distance on your mount.

Of course, you need to have both of them (Waypoint and mount) unlocked to do so; if not, you better start running because it’s quite far.

Upon getting to the place, you should see a male NPC named Abaan sitting there.

Talk to him to find out he is the hunter you’ve been looking for, then follow him to the pot containing the relic and let him investigate.

Sadly you’ll see him getting petrified under your eyes, but no time for mourning because you are under attack.

Defeat the mobs, which shouldn’t be too hard, and interact with the Mysterious Pot to reveal the Malevolent Relic.

Interact with the Mysterious Pot to reveal the Malevolent Relic

Good news! It seems you are one of the lucky ones because you didn’t get petrified.

Now perform the gesture spell on the relic and go talk to Rakhaan, who is waiting for you a short distance north from your current location.

After talking to Rakhaan, Diablo 4 Hunting the Relic Hunter quest is completed, and your rewards are the following: Renown points, Gold, XP, and an Ore Cache. However, there seems to be one more relic Rakhaan wants you to get; if you want to continue helping, talk to him again and start the More Than Meets the Eye side-quest.

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