Diablo IV Curious Curios: Where To Find the Relic

June 15, 2023

Diablo 4 Curious Curios is a mandatory quest if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the Dry Steppes region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Of course, you’ll need to complete all 38 Dry Steppes side-quests for 100%, and it might take some time, but that’s the life of a completionist.

Curious Curios is actually the first quest in a questline, and to complete it, you must help a woman NPC named Sameera find a relic.

The quest is not that hard if you are patient and you pay close attention to your surroundings while searching for the relic.

However, if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to check our walkthrough below and quickly complete D4 Curious Curios side quest.

How To Start Curious Curios Quest in Diablo 4

The D4 quest is available immediately at the start of Act 3, and Sameera, the quest giver, can be found while exploring the Dry Steppes region.

More precisely, you must reach The Boiling Plains in the Chambatar Ridge area.

There is a Waypoint in the area, in Fate’s Retreat, and you can use it to fast travel there; of course, you need to have it unlocked.

Boiling Plains is in the southern part of Chambatar Ridge, so you should use your mount to cover the distance from the waypoint to the quest giver.

If you don’t have a mount, grab your running shoes and head there.

Also, on the following map, we’ve marked Sameera’s exact location.

Diablo 4 Curious Curios quest becomes available from the start of Act 3

When you reach the spot, you’ll find the quest giver lying down because of her leg.

Considering she is stuck, you decide to land a hand and find a relic for her boss Rakhaan.

Don’t worry; you’ll get a cut from her reward.

Now let’s see where you can find this relic.

Where To Find the Relic in Diablo 4

It seems the relic is in one of the pots nearby, and when you find it, you must send it to Rakhaan by casting the spell Sameera taught you.

Upon finishing talking to Sameera, you can open your map to see the search area where you can find the relic.

Now you can start searching in all the pots in the area for the relic, which can take a while, especially considering there are a lot of mobs around.

Of course, you can always check the map below for the location of the correct pot.

The Mysterious Pot is located southwest of the quest giver

As you can see, the pot is located southwest of the quest giver.

Upon reaching the Mysterious Pot, you must interact with it to reveal the Malevolent Relic.

The Malevolent Relic is found in the Mysterious Pot southwest of the quest giver

Then interact with the relic to perform the gesture spell and send it to Rakhaan.

Next, you must go to Rakhaan yourself. He is located next to the Waypoint in Fate’s Retreat (to the northwest).

Once you find Rakhaan, talk to him to confirm he received the relic, complete Diablo 4 Curious Curios quest, and get your rewards: Renown points, Gold, XP, and a Gem Cache. However, you can now start the follow-up quest, named Hunting the Relic Hunter, by talking to Rakhaan again.

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