Diablo IV Treasure or Trash: How To Retrieve the Deactivated Ring

June 15, 2023

Diablo 4 Treasure or Trash is the fourth quest in its questline available in Act 3 of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Treasure or Trash is also part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, which you need to complete assuming you want to achieve 100% completion in the region.

The quest is pretty easy in normal conditions, but a possible bug will complicate things a little, and it can take you a while to figure out how to get past it.

Therefore, throughout the following D4 Treasure or Trash walkthrough, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the side-quest.

How To Start the Treasure or Trash Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, the quest is part of a questline, meaning you have to meet some requirements to start it.

That is to complete the preceding three quests:

  1. Curious Curios
  2. Hunting the Relic Hunter
  3. More Than Meets the Eye

Also, to make the questline available, you have to reach the Dry Steppes region in Act 3.

Provided you’re done with the requirements, you must make your way to Fate’s Retreat in the Chambatar Ridge area.

Luckily there is a Waypoint in Fate’s Retreat that you’ve probably already activated when you first got to the area.

Now, look for Rakhaan, a male NPC sitting close to the Waypoint, and talk to him to start the quest.

Diablo 4 Treasure or Trash quest becomes available after completing More Than Meets the Eye

Rakhaan, the Curio Collector, will ask you to take an old ring he found and activate it using demonic essences.

Where To Find the Deactivated Ring in Diablo 4

The ring is close to the NPC, in a box to the left.

Thankfully the box is marked on your minimap, so you can easily locate it.

However, opening the box can be tricky, not because of a curse or the usual Diablo 4 obstacles, but because of a bug.

As such, here is what you need to do; go to the box back and forth a few steps while spamming the - GameClubz/- GameClubz button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

You need to spam the button as fast as you can, and in a couple of tries, the box should be open, just like in the next screenshot.

Deactivated Ring is found in a box next to Fate's Retreat Waypoint

Once you’ve picked up the Deactivated Ring, you can open your map to see a large search area east of Fate’s Retreat.

To continue, you need to go to the search area, kill demons and take their essences until you fill the bar under the quest’s objective on the right side of your screen.

Note that as you move through the search area, red dots will appear on the map.

To complete the quest kill demons in the search area east of Fate's Retreat

Each dot represents a demon you must slay, and after, take the red fireball it leaves behind because that is the essence you must harvest.

When you fill the bar, you get the new objective to return to Rakhaan.

Thus, do so and listen to the Curio Collector because what he has to say is funny.

When he finishes talking, Diablo 4 Treasure or Trash quest is completed, and you’ll receive the following: Demoniac’s Boon Rare Ring, Murmuring Cache, Renown points, XP, and Gold. But now you might want to tackle Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache, which is another Act 3 side-quest.

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