Diablo IV A Different Beast: Where To Find the Broken Totem

June 14, 2023

A Different Beast is one of the hidden Scoslgen quests in Diablo 4, in which you’ll have to find the Broken Totem quest item and deliver it to Artair in the Wraithstead area.

Unfortunately, A Different Beast quest is not immediately available as you will have to progress through the main campaign and finish a few side quests prior.

Furthermore, finding the Broken Totem quest item can be pretty tricky since it is only obtainable from searchable corpses located in specific areas of Scosglen.

Hence, follow our in-depth Diablo 4 guide if you want to learn how to trigger A Different Beast side quest and how to complete it.

How To Start A Different Beast Quest in Diablo 4

In order to trigger A Different Beast side quest in Diablo IV, certain prerequisites must be met.

Firstly, advance through the story campaign by finishing Act II, then complete the First Among Wolves questline to gain access to an NPC named Artair.

Next, just start the side quests marked with a blue exclamation point near the Tirmair waypoint. If you need help with these quests, our Scosglen side quests locations guide can be helpful.

Finally, it is mandatory to complete The Wrong Hands side quest, where you have to find a similar broken item.

Once you’ve met all the above requirements, interact with the searchable corpses in The Shrouded Moors subregion of Scosglen until they drop the Broken Totem.

How To Start A Different Beast Quest in Diablo 4

During our session, we found the Broken Totem in the southwestern part of the Shrouded Moors, near one of the Scosglen Altars of Lilith.

Even though it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find the Broken Totem in the same location, there is a high chance of finding it somewhere around this area.

Where To Find Broken Totem in Diablo 4

Where To Find Artair in Diablo IV

Once you have obtained the Broken Totem quest item, head towards the Wraithstead area located to the east of Cerrigar.

Find Artair and bring him the Broken Totem. It seems this piece fits well with the last piece you found during The Wrong Hands quest, but it’s still missing one final piece.

Artair identifies the current state of the fragment as a carving of a bear, noting that although the head is still missing, the shape of the legs and body are clear.

Also, he emphasizes the risk of the bear totem being used for malicious purposes, considering what they have witnessed before.

Where To Find Artair in Diablo IV

Finally, he suggests that finding the last piece may require hunting actual bears.

So, after completing A Different Beast quest, you can begin searching for the final broken piece for Artair to start his next quest, The Broken Bear.

Also, if you are looking for easy-to-follow guides about the game, make sure to check out our Diablo 4 Wiki Hub Page.

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