Diablo IV More Than Meets the Eye: Where To Find the Light Beams

June 15, 2023

Diablo 4 More Than Meets the Eye is a side-quest in which you have to aid Rakhaan, a Curio Collector, in finding a relic.

More Than Meets Eye is part of a questline, and this is actually the third relic you are helping him with.

There are 38 side-quests available in Dry Steppes, and they all come with cool rewards like Renown points for the region, XP, Gold, Caches, and sometimes loot.

However, in the following walkthrough, we’ll be focusing on D4 More Than Meets the Eye side-quest, providing step-by-step instructions to help you complete it.

How To Start the More Than Meets the Eye Quest in Diablo 4

First, to make this quest available, you must reach the Dry Steppes region by completing the main story until you get to Act 3.

Then you need to complete the preceding quests from the questline: the first, Curious Curios, and the second, Hunting the Relic Hunter.

Finally, you must go to the quest giver, Rakhaan, who is waiting for you in the southern part of the Accursed Wastes area.

You have the NPC’s exact location pinpointed on the map below.

Diablo 4 More Than Meets the Eye becomes available after completing Hunting the Relic Hunter side-quest

Now talk to Rakhaan, and he will tell you the final relic he needs your help with is buried under the Ruins of Saraan.

As such, you have to meet him there to complete the quest’s first objective.

Where To Find the Light Beams in Diablo 4

On the following map, we’ve marked the location of the ruins in the Foothills of Saraan on the east side of the Accursed Wastes area.

Ruins of Saraan are located in the Foothills of Saraan on the east side of the Accursed Wastes area

There should also be a blue objective waypoint on your own map that you can track.

Once you reach the spot, you must talk to Rakhaan again to open the entrance to a dungeon to the right.

As you can see, the dungeon is named Saraan Calder, and you should now enter it.

After getting inside, you must find and disable the relic.

So progress through the linear dungeon until you reach a crossroad with a mirror on a pedestal in the middle.

To continue, defeat the mobs and head to the left, all the way to the back of the tunnel, where you’ll find two Ancient Light Devices, as shown in the next image.

Interact with the two Ancient Light Devices in the dungeon to redirect the light beams

Interact with both devices to redirect the light to the mirror on the pedestal at the crossroad, where Rakhaan is waiting.

When you get back to the Curio Collector, you’ll have a big surprise seeing that he actually is a demon.

But he swears he means no harm and will explain everything soon.

Thus, you probably have your doubts, but you need to continue and interact with the Ancient Light Device near the demon to clear the path.

Now head forward, defeating more mobs, and you shortly reach a larger area with four Ancient Light Braziers.

As you probably guessed, you must interact with the braziers, but be aware that you’ll get attacked by a lot of enemies, including Elites.

Finally, you must defeat Overseer Kafan, and once you do, Rakhaan appears in human form.

The NPC will explain everything now, concluding Diablo 4 More Than Meets Eye quest, and your rewards are 20 Dry Steppes Renown points, XP, Gold, and a piece of loot named Rakhaan’s Favor. Also, you’ve unlocked the Treasure or Trash side-quest, which you can also start from Rakhaan.

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