Diablo IV Heart’s Burden: Where To Find the Rusted Dagger

June 23, 2023

Heart’s Burden is one of the secret side quests of the Hawezar region in Diablo 4, in which you must locate the Rusted Dagger quest item and return it to an NPC in Wejinhani.

One thing that sets the D4 Heart’s Burden quest apart from other Hawezar side quests is that a blue exclamation mark doesn’t indicate its starting location.

This means there is a slight chance of triggering the side quest by accident if you enjoy interacting with chests, containers, plants, corpses, etc., around the realm.

As such, in the following Diablo IV guide, we will provide all the information you need to start and complete the Heart’s Burden quest in the video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

How To Start the Heart’s Burden Quest in Diablo 4

In order to begin the Heart’s Burden quest in Diablo 4, you must recover the Rusted Dagger quest item.

The Rusted Dagger can be retrieved only by interacting with the Child’s Corpse in the Swamp of Vanished Souls area within The Writhing Mire subregion.

How To Start the Heart's Burden Quest in Diablo 4

The Child’s Corpse is located in the central part of The Writhing Mire subregion.

The quickest way to get there is to fast-travel to The Tree of Whispers waypoint and make your way south to the marked location, as shown in the image below.

Where To Find the Heart's Burden Quest in Diablo 4

Where To Search for Answers in Wejinhani

After you interact with the Child’s Corpse and pick up the Rusted Dagger quest item, fast-travel to the Wejinhani waypoint and look for an NPC nearby called Damen.

When you give him the bad news about what happened to his son, Luka, he will begin crying and sobbing, ending the Heart’s Burden quest in Diablo 4.

Where To Search for Answers in Wejinhani

As a reward for returning the Rusted Dagger to Damen, you will receive XP, Gold, a Salvage Cache, and 20 Renown Points for the Hawezar region.

If you’re aiming to finish all side quests within the region, be sure to consult our Hawezar side quest locations guide. Furthermore, our Diablo IV Wiki Hub Page offers a wide range of helpful guides on various quests and collectibles.

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