Diablo IV Hunger for a New Life: Where To Find Zolaya’s Hideout

June 20, 2023

Hunger for a New Life is a Diablo 4 gather quest you can complete in the Dry Steppes region after you finish the Loose Threads main-quest in Act 3.

Thus, Diablo 4 Hunger for a New Life counts as one of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, and they are all required if you want to achieve 100% completion in the region.

For this quest, you have to help Zolaya, a woman NPC, get some uncommon medicinal herbs from the stash in her hideout.

Now, if by any chance you get stuck in D4 Hunger for a New Life side-quest, make sure to check our following walkthrough.

How To Start Hunger for a New Life Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, to be able to play the Hunger for New Life side-quest, you must first progress with the story all the way to Act 3 and complete the Loose Threads main-quest, then travel to Farobru, a settlement located on the east side of the Kotama Grasslands area in the Dry Steppes region.

The fastest way to reach the settlement is to fast travel to its Waypoint, assuming you’ve unlocked it in a previous visit.

If not, start running to the settlement, or better use your mount if you have any. It is possible you don’t have a mount yet, as you get one only at the start of Act 4.

Once in Farobru, look for Zolaya, the quest giver, which can be found next to a horse northeast of the town’s Waypoint.

Don’t hesitate to check the map below for the precise location.

Diablo 4 Hunger for a New Life becomes available after completing the Loose Threads main-quest in Act 3

Upon talking to Zolaya, you find out that Oyuun, the woman who accompanies her, snapped, and to calm her, you must get some uncommon medicinal herbs.

Zolaya will use the herbs to make a soothing tea for Oyuun and hopefully ground her.

However, the herbs are kept in a stash in Zolaya’s hideout in the caves northwest of Farobru.

Where To Find Zolaya’s Hideout in Diablo 4

Now that you’ve talked to Zolaya and started the quest, you must head to Wayward Plains in the northern part of the Kotama Grasslands area at the location pinpointed on the next D4 map.

Zolaya's Hideout is located in the northern part of the Kotama Grasslands area

When you reach the spot, you should see the entrance to Zolaya’s Hideout.

Head inside the hideout and progress until you find the Crate of Medicinal Herbs in a larger room, as shown in the following image.

The Crate of Medicinal Herbs is found in a larger room in Zolaya's Hideout

The hideout is quite small, and it’s impossible to miss the crate.

After finding the crate, interact with it to get the herbs, and as a bonus, you’ll get attacked by some mobs.

Defeating them should be easy as they are not too many or too strong.

To continue, return to Zolaya and give her the herbs.

She will brew the tea, which will make Oyuun recover, concluding Diablo 4 Hunger for New Life quest. As a reward, you get the following: XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Cache. However, more quests can be completed in the Dry Steppes region, like No Deed Unpunished.

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