Diablo IV Lost Legacy: Where To Find All the Paladin Remains

July 26, 2023

Diablo 4 Lost Legacy is a pretty long side-quest you need to complete for the challenge with the same name.

Lost Legacy is also mandatory if you want to achieve 100% completion in Hawezar, as it is one of the 49 side-quests available in the region.

However, the Lost Legacy side-quest is tricky because you need to enter a dungeon to slay a bunch of mobs and Elites enemies.

But we’ve got your back as always, and throughout the walkthrough below, we’ll give you all the details you need to complete D4 Lost Legacy side-quest.

How To Start Lost Legacy Quest in Diablo 4

In order to start the quest, you must first progress with the story until you complete the Knee-Deep in Filth main-quest in Act 5.

As such, the Lost Legacy side-quest becomes available towards the end of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

When you are ready, you must head to the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the middle of the Hawezar region.

The Keep has its own Waypoint you can use to fast travel, assuming you have it unlocked.

Then you must go to the southwestern side of the Keep and talk to Ksenia, who is a Zakarum Crusader and the quest giver.

If needed, check the following map for the exact location of the NPC.

Diablo 4 Lost Legacy becomes available after completing the Knee-Deep in Filth main-quest in Act 5

Ksenia thinks it’s not a coincidence that you and she have met here.

It seems the Light brought you both to the Zakarum Fortress to get rid of the evil within it.

Next, you must meet Ksenia next to the Waypoint inside the fort by following the blue marker on the minimap.

Now talk to Ksenia again so she opens the Sealed Quarters, and you can head inside to scour away any trace of Mephisto’s corruption.

Thus enter the Defiled Halls dungeon with Ksenia and find the source of the corruption.

Where To Find the Source of Corruption Within the Sealed Quarters in Diablo 4

As you progress through the dungeon, make sure you explore every inch of it while keeping an eye on the minimap for the blue marker.

First, you’ll find an Urgent Letter that says:

I, Carthas, and my most trusted retinue, Alodia, Mathias, and Eleazar, seal this place with ourselves inside. Though we fall to Mephisto’s corruption, we shall not forget our duty. Even in death, we guard the body of Sankekur.

Then, continue on to reach a larger area with a bunch of paladin remains.

Now interact with the remains in the middle, which actually belong to Mathias, and you’ll be attacked by an Elite enemy.

Mathias' Remains are found in the middle of a larger area

More exactly, by Mathias, Carthus’ Retinue, and once you defeat him, you can pick up Mathias’ Betrayal, which is a blade.

Then, speak with Ksenia, who suggests you collect these tainted blades so she can perform a ritual, and only then will these spirits be redeemed.

Therefore you must now find the rest of the paladin remains and collect the Eleazar’s Choice and Alodia’s Wrath blades.

Where To Find All the Paladin Remains in Diablo 4

Follow the same strategy as before and continue exploring the dungeon while paying attention to the minimap for the blue marker.

You should find the rest of the paladin remains in no time, then interact with them and slay the Elites to collect the remaining two blades.

Note that Alodia’s Remains and Eleazar’s Remains are not in the same place.

Once you have all three blades, you must search for the curse’s root, which is located in a huge room.

Also, there are three sockets where you can place the cursed blades in the large room.

Upon placing the blades, tell Ksenia to start the ritual, and you’ll get attacked by Carthas, Corrupted Zakarum Paladin.

Slay Carthas in the huge room

Do your best to defeat him as he is quite powerful, and when you succeed, talk to Ksenia yet again, who will tell you that she couldn’t have done this alone.

Ksenia will also make sure to tell the other Zakarum how Carthas and the paladins gave their lives to contain Mephisto’s corruption.

Great job, Nephalem! The spirits have been freed, and you’ve completed Diablo 4 Lost Legacy. However, there are more side-quests you can complete in Hawezar, like A Question of Self.

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