Diablo IV A Question of Self: Where To Find the Clues

July 27, 2023

Diablo 4 A Question of Self is an Act 5 side-quest available in Hawezar, the fifth region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Thus, Question of Self counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, and to complete it, you must help Elder Oranii by delivering some herbs to Taissa, who hasn’t been herself lately.

The Question Self side-quest is not necessarily hard, but you might still need help to finish it.

Therefore, throughout D4 A Question of Self walkthrough below, we’ll provide instructions to aid you in getting the side-quest done.

How To Start A Question of Self Quest in Diablo 4

To make A Question of Self available, you must complete A Chorus of Voice main-quest in Act 5.

Then you must head to the Ruined Tower in the middle of the Dismal Foothills area of the Hawezar region.

Diablo 4 A Question of Self becomes available after completing A Chorus of Voice main-quest in Act 5

Here you’ll find Elder Oranii, the quest giver, who brought some herbs to Taissa.

However, Taissa already left, and Oranii wants you to get the herbs to her.

Also, Oranii explains how something is off about Taissa, as the Elder can hear her screaming and weeping at night.

To continue, you must search Taissa’s tower for clues on her location.

Where To Find the Clues in Taissa’s Tower in Diablo 4

After talking to Oranii, she will leave, and you can see a search area covering Taissa’s Tower on the minimap.

The clue you are looking for can be found within the search area, of course.

More precisely, you need to interact with Taissa’s Journal, which sits on the table in the northwestern part of the tower, as shown in the next image.

The clue is found on the table in the northwestern part of the tower

From the Journal, you learn that Andariel still tries to take control of Taissa and that she went to drink tea to purge the darkness.

This means that Taissa should be in the Hungering Swamp; as such, it’s time to head there.

Where To Find the Hungering Swamp in Diablo 4

To easily find the Hungering Swamp, all you have to do is follow the blue marker on your minimap to the east side of the Dismal Foothills area.

The Hungering Swamp is located on the east side of the Dismal Foothills area

Once you reach the spot, enter the Swamp and slay the Shades of Grief, which are enemies that get marked with red dots on your minimap when you get close.

Then you must follow the blue marker on the minimap once again to find Taissa in a hut.

Now you must slay more Shades of Grief and destroy the Chains of Anguish; basically, you must destroy everything in the hut that isn’t Taissa.

When you’re done, speak with Taissa, who will tell you that Andariel still lurks in her mind, and then she will ask you to meet her outside.

So head out and ask Taissa what her plan is. The NPC will tell you that maybe the other witches can help her purge Andariel.

However, to summon the witches to a conclave, Taissa needs her amulet, which she left at Timue’s hut.

But Diablo 4 Question of Self comes to an end, and you receive Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. If you want to see what’s next, go speak with Timue to start the Past Regrets side-quest.

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