Diablo IV Past Regrets: Where To Find Nangari Oracles

July 27, 2023

Past Regrets is a Diablo 4 side-quest you need to complete if you want to achieve 100% completion in the Hawezar region.

In Diablo 4 Past Regrets, you must continue helping Taissa purge Andariel, so you pick up where you left off in A Question of Self side-quest.

However, the Past Regrets quest can get tricky, and you could require some extra assistance to tackle it.

No worries, though, because we got your back as always, and we’ll provide all the details you need to complete D4 Past Regrets side-quest in the walkthrough below.

How To Start Past Regrets Quest in Diablo 4

To start Past Regrets, which is part of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, you must first complete A Question of Self, the quest mentioned earlier, and this can be done only after finishing Act 5 of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Then you need to speak with Timue in order to get Taissa’s amulet.

Timue is an NPC located in the southeastern part of the Blightmarsh area, as you can see on the following D4 map.

Diablo 4 Past Regrets becomes available after completing A Question of Self side-quest

Once you reach Timue and ask her for the amulet, she figures out that Taissa is in some kind of trouble, but she won’t bug you about it as you made a promise not to tell anything.

Timue says that Taissa’s things are in the Old Trunk on the southwest side of the hut, as shown in the next screenshot.

The Old Trunk is found on the southwest side of the hut

Hence, interact with the trunk and pick up the Mark of the Conclave from the ground.

Then you must meet with Taissa, who is waiting for you a little to the east of The Three of Whispers Waypoint on the north side of The Writhing Mire area.

You can quickly find the NPC by following the blue marker on the map.

Taiss is located a little to the east of The Three of Whispers Waypoint on the north side of The Writhing Mire area

After giving the amulet to Taissa, she will ask you to gather Oracle Eyes from the Nangari Oracles enemies scattered all around The Writhing Mire area.

Where To Find Nangari Oracles in Diablo 4

To continue, you must run around the search area and look for Nangari Oracles enemies who are marked with red dots on your minimap, assuming you get close enough.

Keep in mind that when you kill a Nangari Oracle is not guaranteed that you will get Oracle Eyes.

As such, start slaying because the red-doted enemies are rare enough, and you need a total of four Oracle Eyes.

Slay Nangari Oracles within the search area to get Oracle Eyes

Also, be aware that there are other types of enemies that will give you a hard time while you explore the area to look for Nangari Oracles.

Once you have enough Eyes bring them to Taissa back at The Tree of Whispers.

Now Taissa will clear the path to the Eldritch Conclave, so head inside with her.

After you get to the larger area inside the Conclave, talk to Taissa again, and then light the braziers around her.

Don’t worry about the brazier you can’t light; you are only supposed to light the other four.

The witches will come to the Conclave and start giving suggestions, but Timue will interrupt the gathering.

Ask Timue why she disrupted the ritual, and she will tell you because she has the solution to Taissa’s problem.

Timue suggests that Taissa should face her fears and go to the last place she wants to be, with Andariel, where it all began.

Taissa decides to listen to Timue and says to meet at her tower because she will start preparations.

However, Diablo 4 Past Regrets ends with you receiving XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Cache. Now to find out how the questline ends, speak with Taissa to start A Series of Steps side-quest.

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