Diablo IV A Series of Steps: Where To Find the Ritual Flames

July 28, 2023

Diablo 4 A Series of Steps is a pretty difficult side-quest because you need to defeat a couple of Elite enemies to complete it.

In the Series of Steps side-quest, you must help Taissa finally get rid of Andariel from her thoughts.

Also, helping Taissa will get you the following rewards: XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Rare Amulet.

Furthermore, because A Series of Steps is part of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, it counts as progress towards reaching 100% completion in the region.

Therefore, you should check our walkthrough below to make sure you don’t encounter any problems while playing D4 A Series of Steps side-quest.

How To Start A Series of Steps Quest in Diablo 4

Considering A Series of Steps is also part of a questline, you must first deal with the previous quest, named Past Regrets.

After Taissa receives Timue’s advice in Past Regrets to overcome her fears and face Andariel, you must head to the Ruined Tower in the middle of the Dismal Foothills area.

Diablo 4 A Series of Steps becomes available after completing the Past Regrets side-quest

When you get to the Tower, you must speak with Taissa and then stare into the flames to let them carry you into the NPC’s memories, where you must help her face everything she encounters.

Now let’s where to find the Ritual Flames and how to peer into them.

Where To Find the Ritual Flames in Diablo 4

Luckily, the Ritual Flames are right next to Taissa, and if you interact with them, you’ll get to Ellias’ Sanctum.

The Ritual Flames are found in the Ruined Tower

Then you must advance to reach Ellias’ study, where Taissa was caught trying to kill Lilith’s right hand.

To continue, you need to slay the demonic manifestations that attack you and then head to the Bookshelf with the blue marker on the minimap.

If you interact with the Bookshelf, you’ll reveal a secret compartment with more Ritual Flames.

You know the drill by now, interact with the Flames, and you’ll find yourself in the Temple of The Primes.

Now follow the linear path to accompany Taissa to the Altar of Sacrifice, where you must slay more demons.

When you’re done with the mobs, follow the blue marker to a Heavy Iron Door you must open to spot even more Ritual Flames.

Interact with the Flames to reach the Blasted Scarp, where you fought Andariel for the main story if you remember.

After speaking with Taissa, you’ll get attacked by even more demonic manifestations, and when you clear the area, the Whisper of Andariel appears.

Defeat the Whisper of Andariel in the Blasted Scarp

Do your best to defeat the boss, and when you’re victorious, you can interact with the Ritual Flames to get back to the real world.

To complete Diablo 4 Series of Steps quest, all you have to do is talk to Taissa, who will be very grateful and give you her amulet. A job well done, Nephalem! But you can now start another Hawezar side-quest, like Overstepping the Mark.

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