Diablo IV Remembering the Goose: Where To Find the Inn’s Missing Sign

June 24, 2023

Diablo 4 Remembering the Goose is an Act 2 side-quest you can complete in the Highland Wilds area of the Scosglen region.

Thus, Remembering the Goose is part of the 47 Scosglen side-quests, which you’ll need to finish if you want to achieve 100% completion in the region.

In Remembering the Goose, you have to aid Torben by retrieving his Inn’s missing sign, which can get tricky if you don’t have a keen eye.

As such, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you complete D4 Remembering the Goose side-quest.

How To Start Remembering the Goose Quest in Diablo 4

It’s important to know that to unlock the side-quest, you must first progress with the story and complete the Dark Omen Act 2 main-quest.

After doing so, you must head to Under the Fat Goose Inn in the western part of the Highland Wilds area and find Torben, the Innkeeper.

Just look for the big male NPC in the middle of the Inn.

On the D4 map below, we’ve marked the location of the quest giver Torben.

Diablo 4 Remembering the Goose becomes available after completing Dark Omen main-quest

Upon talking to Torben, you learn that someone or something stole the Inn’s sign, and the main suspects are Nairne and Tovish, some local mischief-makers.

Good detective, now let’s see how you can get back the sign because the Inn is not the same without it.

Where To Find Under the Fat Goose Inn’s Missing Sign in Diablo 4

Right as you start the quest, you can open your map to see a search area nearby to the east.

The sign is located somewhere in the search area, and if you don’t want to find it yourself, here is a map with the exact location.

The Inn's missing sign is found on the northside of the Highland Wilds area

Once you reach the spot on the north side of the Highland Wilds area, you’ll find the sign next to Nairne, and after talking to her, you find out that she stole it to honor Tavish, who was torn to pieces by the goatmen.

Also, Nairne has a List of Last Deeds which needs finishing, and the woman NPC requests your help with it.

To continue, you need to place Tavish’s daggers at three different locations.

But first, you must open the chest with Tavish’s Belongings next to Nairne and pick up the Bloodstained Mementons.

Tavish's Belongings are found in a chest next to Nairne

Now you must place the daggers at the following locations:

  1. At the Highland Bear Den in Recluse Hovel
  2. At the Gateway Statue in Maddux Hill
  3. At the Old Crane in Old Heimberg
The three locations where you must place the daggers

After placing all three daggers, you must return to the location of the sign where you first met Nairne.

Then talk to the woman NPC one more time and pick up the Under the Fat Goose Inn Sign from right beside her.

To finally complete Diablo 4 Remembering Goose quest, you must go to Torben, back to the Inn, and talk to him to give him the sign and the bad news. You’ll also receive some rewards: Gold, a Cache, XP, and Renown points. However, there are plenty more Scosglen side-quests for you to tackle, like Claws at the Throat.

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