Diablo IV Claws at the Throat: Where To Find the Missing Merchants

June 24, 2023

Diablo 4 Claws at the Throat is a Scosglen side-quest you can start by finding a Slain Merchant while exploring the Highland Wilds area of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

However, Claws at the Throat is just one of the 47 Scosglen side-quests, and if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the region, you must finish all of them.

The quest is not particularly hard, but you still have to explore carefully every inch of a search area to complete an objective.

Therefore, if you want complete D4 Claws at the Throat as fast as possible, make sure to check the walkthrough below.

How To Start Claws at the Throat Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, to start Claws at Throat, you must find a Slain Merchant, but before you do that, you must complete another Act 2 side-quest named Remembering the Goose.

When you’re done, head to the west side of the Highland Wilds area at the exact location marked on our following map.

Diablo 4 Claws at the Throat becomes available after completing Remembering the Goose side-quest

Once you reach the spot, you should see a dead body leaning by a cart.

To continue, you must interact with the Slain Merchant to see the next message:

His throat is violently ripped open. No other signs of wounds.

Then you’ll have to ask around Under the Fat Goose Inn about the Slain Merchant.

The Inn is located in the northwestern corner of the Highland Wilds area, and luckily it has a Waypoint right next to it.

Provided you’ve already visited the Inn and unlocked the Waypoint, you can use it to fast travel.

After reaching the Inn, you have to speak with Torben, the Innkeeper, and he will tell you that all the merchants have yet to arrive from the eastern road; hence something went wrong clearly.

As always, you decide to step in and investigate, so let’s search for the missing merchants.

Where To Find the Missing Merchants in Diablo 4

Immediately after talking to Torben, you can open your map to see the quest’s search area east of the Inn, on the north side of the Highland Wilds area.

Now you must head to the search area and start looking for the merchants.

If you’re struggling with this objective, we’ll let you know that you must head to Gloom Pine Pass in the southeastern corner of the search area.

We’ve pinpointed the exact location on the next D4 map.

The merchants are located in Gloom Pine Pass

Upon getting to the place, you should find another Slain Merchant next to a cart.

The Slain Merchant is found next to a cart

Interact with the dead body to make it drop a Worn Insignia and get attacked by some mobs.

The mobs should be easy to defeat, and when you’re done, head back to Torben to show him the Worn Insignia.

The Innkeeper will tell you that the Insignia is the mark of a mercenary company from the Days of Ash, completing Diablo 4 Claws Throat quest and getting you Renown points, XP, Gold, and a Cache. However, you can continue the questline by talking to Torben again and starting the Pyre of Ash side-quest.

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